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Liberty grain sorghum hybrid

Product Description:

Liberty combines all the attributes that growers desire in a white sorghum hybrid – high yield for maturity, adaptability across most environments and improved standability. Liberty is the ideal choice for growers wanting to widen their marketing options or those wishing to add real value when used in their own livestock feed rations. Liberty has the ability to accumulate dry matter rapidly in warm conditions, as well as being an ideal rotation crop that tolerates heat and moisture stress, performing better than most other annual summer crops when soil water is limiting.

Key features:

  • White grain sorghum
  • Semi-open head type
  • Medium – tall height
  • 75 to 80 days to flowering
  • Mid – late maturity option
  • Moderate stay-green (standard spray out practices)
  • Moderate lodging tolerance
  • Excellent pollen producer (reduces ergot risk).

For more information refer to the Barenbrug website.