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MainMan 500WG

Product Description:

MainMan is a systemic insectide and the only group 29 insecticide in the market for the control of various sucking pests in cotton, apple and pears, cucurbits, potatoes and canola.

Highly active, it controls both nymph and adult stages via direct contact and ingestion, with cessation of feeding within 15–60 minutes of exposure and mortality after 2–5 days. As the only Group 29 insecticide in Australia, it offers a unique mode of action and is effective on all resistant populations including neonicotinoid resistant aphids.

  • Mainman is soft on beneficial insects and foraging honey bees, making it ideal for use in IPM programs.MainMan is now registered to control the 3 major aphid pests in Canola – green peach aphid, cabbage aphid & turnip aphid.
  • It offers a new mode of action that controls aphids resistant to other modes of action (such as pyrethroids, neonicotinoids, sulfoxaflor, pirimicarb & organophosphates).
  • MainMan can be used in canola during flowering – up to BBCH 69 end of flowering and 21 days prior to grazing.
  • MainMan also provides canola growers with flexible application – being rainfast in 3 hours, active in temperatures from 5-35 degrees, and compatible with most common mixing partners.