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Olsson’s Bloatliq 15kg

Product Description: An effective aid in bloat control. For cattle and Sheep. Bloat in ruminants is the distention of the rumen-reticulum, or paunch, with gas. This gas has been formed during rapid fermentation of the feed in the rumen. The distention is usually seen on the left side as a tight ballooning of the underlying rumen from the ribs to the hip. The usual mechanism of “belching” and letting gas out through the animal’s mouth has failed and so the gas accumulates. Distention can occur from pasture bloat and feedlot bloat. Olsson’s Bloat-Liq is a molasses-based, anti foaming block (10% Alcohol Ethoxylate Teric 12A 23) designed to relieve the symptoms of this annual killer. Bloat-Liq is rain resistant, easy to use, works 24 hours a day and is one of the best value bloat products on the market. Also available in 40kg blocks. APVMA Approval No. 41900/15/0108.