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Olsson’s Calcium Molasses 20kg

Product Description:

Olsson’s Calcium Molasses is a high calcium supplement designed to aid digestion and optimise production.

Ideal for cattle, sheep, goats and deer being fed grain as part or all of the feed ration. This block is designed to provide calcium and protein to assist digestion and improve conversion rates. Calcium counteracts the effects of high phosphorus levels in grain, balancing the calcium : phosphorus ratio. Calcium Molasses is beneficial in the prevention of lambing sickness and milk fever.
Grain feeds are imbalanced as they are deficient in protein, minerals and vitamins and since they are highly lignified their digestibility is low. Both these characteristics keep intake and productivity low. The use of Olsson’s Calcium Molasses is beneficial in balancing the deficiency, leading to improved production rates. Also available in 40kg blocks.