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Olsson’s Dry Season (10% Urea) 40kg

Product Description:

A high protein multi-nutrient supplement for ruminants grazing poor pastures and stubbles.
Olsson’s Dry Season plus 10% Urea blocks are an easy, cost-effective method of delivering a balance of minerals and trace elements to the rumen as well as supplementing rumen protein in the form of urea. Dry Season is effective in promoting and maintaining weight gain.

Dry Season contains nitrogen (urea), phosphorus and sulphur, some of the major elements required for the synthesis of amino acids and protein. When these elements are balanced it results in an efficient breakdown of dry and fibrous feeds, such as stubble and dry pastures.

Also available in 15 and 100kg blocks.
Warning: Products containing urea can be toxic to livestock. Please ensure proper farm management practices are employed.