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Strikelab Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment

Product Description:

Strikelab spray-on is for the protection of sheep (off-shears or with any length wool) against fly strike (Lucilia Cuprina) for 18 to 24 weeks. For the protection of mulesing and marking wounds on sheep against fly strike (Lucilia cuprina) during the wound healing process.

Please note Strikelab was previously marketed as Pastoral Ag Dicyclanil Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment.

Active Constituent: 50g/L Dicyclanil

Available in the following sizes: 5L, 20L

Applicator: Pastoral Ag 30ml Variable Applicator – Spray-On nozzle

Withholding Periods: 

  • Meat: Do not use less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.
  • ESI: 60 days (long wool), 120 days (6 weeks wool or less)
  • Milk: Do not use on ewes which are producing or may in the future produce milk that may be used or processed for human consumption.
  • Wool: Do not use less than 3 months before shearing or fibre collection.

Storage: Store below 30°C (Room Temperature). Protect from frost. Store in original container tightly closed in a dry, cool place.

Do not:

  • store in direct sunlight
  • re-use the container

Recycle containers via drumMUSTER

Dosing andaAdministration

Refer to Product Label for dosing information.