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Rancona Dimension

Product Description:

The formulation of UPL’s Rancona Dimension is unique – along with Rancona C – it is the only seed treatment registered in Australia with a liquid micro-emulsion (ME) formulation.

The ME formulation provides uniform seed coverage for better disease protection, producing less dust off during application and handling than traditional seed treatment formulations. Rancona Dimension’s combined disease protection and seed safety results in optimal plant performance – faster emergence, excellent seedling establishment, healthier and more vigorous plants – for maximum yield potential.

Suitable for barley, oats and wheat.

Quick facts

  • Extremely low dust off
  • The easy-clean down of machinery after use
  • Exceptional seed flow
  • Soft on seed
  • Root and shoot protection
  • Improved seed coverage and adhesion.

Download the label and SDS, For more information refer to the UPL website.