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Scavenger soil ameliorant

Product Description:

Scavenger is a plant based green manure soil ameliorant to support healthy crops and soils.
Scavenger is best used as a green manure soil health enhancer to increase beneficial microbial and fungi activity whilst increasing nutrient cycling to promote healthier crops in vegetable and cotton systems.

Scavenger has been bred using advanced conventional breeding technology and is not a GMO. This product provides a systems approach to soil health complementing an Integrated Pest Management program.

Key features

  • Produces compounds to assist with enhancement of crop productivity and healthy soils
  • Fast de-composition due to structure of plant
  • Scavenger hosts and promotes VAM and increases microbial and beneficial fungi activity
  • Assists with nutrient cycling efficiency and uptake of macro nutrients in following crop
  • Can be used as a living mulch in companion to some crops
  • Supports IPM system in horticultural and cotton.

Find out more about Scavenger on the EPG Seeds* website.

*EPG Seeds, formerly Elders Plant Genetics.