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These are interesting times as we overlay inflation, war, sanctions, and ongoing (albeit easing) pandemic disruptions to try to figure out what the future holds. The big question from a farmland values perspective is, “what will inflation and interest rate rises do to the farmland market in Australia?”.

Our view is that increased interest rates coming off record lows will not materially impact farmland prices in the short to medium term. Australian commodity prices remain very high across almost all categories and seasonal forecasts suggest production will also be high.

Conversely, farmland transaction volumes are historically low, with demand materially outweighing buying opportunities. The scene is therefore set for ongoing land price appreciation, albeit at potentially subdue growth rates. The factors weighing against this are increasing interest rates and input cost inflation. Both are factors with the potential to cut into margins should commodity prices ease, or supply is reduced through the event of unfavourable seasonal conditions.

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