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Archer Grain Sorghum

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Grain varieties developed in Australia for Australian conditions.


Key Features

  • High yield potential for maturity
  • Good disease resistance
  • Medium quick maturity
  • Open head type
  • Ideal companion hybrid to main variety choice
  • Medium tillering habit
  • Good disease resistance and midge rating 6
  • Good stress tolerance across environments
  • Grain Colour – Red


Archer is a medium quick maturity Hybrid Grain Sorghum. Archer has an open head type and excellent hybrid vigour. Ideal companion hybrid to main variety choice.

Average days to Flower

  • Liverpool Plains, Northern NSW and Southern Qld: Spring Planting 69-72 days; Summer Planting 62-69 days;
  • Central Qld: Planting 53-58 days.


Archer displays good lodging resistance and has an attractive red grain colour. Archer has a wide adaptation across environments and systems and is suited to irrigation and dryland farming situations.

Agronomy, disease resistance and tolerance

Archer has good disease resistances and a provisional midge rating of 4.

Suggested sowing rates

  • Dryland marginal: 30-50,000 Plant population
  • Dryland good: 50-75,000 Plant population
  • Irrigation: 90-140,000 Plant population

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This variety is registered under Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) in Australia. Information provided here is a guide only. Results can vary greatly depending on climate, soil and local circumstances. This information sheet should not be used as a replacement for expert advice or judgement. Conditions for Sale and Restrictions on Use are listed on the bag and should be referred to. All liability is excluded to the full extent permitted by law.