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Graza53 Forage Oats

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Fast recovering feed for every season.



Key Features

  • Graza 53 is known for its broad, long leaf structure
  • Suited to most soil types
  • Responds best to more frequent light grazing rather than severe defoliations early in the growing period
  • Early vigour and quick recovery after grazing
  • High palatability and forage quality are two strong points for this line
  • Ideal in dryland regions from 400mm plus through to irrigation
  • High level leaf rust resistance (DAF Qld 2017)


Graza 53 achieves a high degree of dry weather tolerance over other oats of similar maturity. Graza 53 can produce high dry matter production after second and third grazings.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance

Through breeding selection and over 3 years of trialling, Graza 53 has demonstrated superior resistance to leaf rust in a wide variety of dryland and irrigated sites across NSW and Victoria.


Graza 53 is a new mid-maturity line that is longer than Graza 51.

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This variety is registered under Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) in Australia. Information provided here is a guide only. Results can vary greatly depending on climate, soil and local circumstances. This information sheet should not be used as a replacement for expert advice or judgement. Conditions for Sale and Restrictions on Use are listed on the bag and should be referred to. All liability is excluded to the full extent permitted by law.