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TenFour Wheat

Key Features

  • Tops NVT’s for Yield in Victoria
  • High hectolitre weight and Very low screenings
  • Early maturity – 7 to 10 days earlier Gregory and Suntop
  • Solid disease package
  • Wide adaptability across all regions
  • Excellent water use efficiency
  • Strong Straw

Disease ratings for TenFour and control varieties

tenfour table 1

Variety description

TenFour is an early maturity wheat variety. Maturity is 7 to 10 days earlier than Gregory. In NVT long term average, TenFour has consistently ranked top in Victoria and in the top 3 in NSW for yield, demonstrating wide adaptability and performance. It has a solid disease package and strong straw, high hectolitre weight and very low screenings.

2015 NVT wheat varieties (first year NVT table)

(Includes 2015) Grain yield % of site average

tenfour graph




tenfour graph legend

Agronomy Management

Targeted areas – Sthn NSW and Victoria

Seed availability

TenFour is available through Elders and through Selected Seed Partner


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