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Autumn is nothing if not decision time.

This edition of Seasons magazine is packed with ideas and advice on what to sow, how to protect your new plantings and set your farm up for a great season.

Whether you’re a grain grower looking to make the most of your subsoil moisture or a livestock producer seeing pastures come back to their best, Autumn really is the start of the season.

With the weather and the markets largely on our side now, it’s the perfect time to invest and plan for growth.

But don’t feel you have to do it all on your own. If there’s one thing that’s obvious from this edition of Seasons magazine, it’s that there are plenty of people who can sit down to discuss the big picture or sort out all the little things that make any farm business tick.

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New malt barley variety wins accreditation

Learn the story behind Alestar – the newly accredited variety of malt barley that is already back by Coopers Brewery.

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Is there room for farmland prices to keep rising?

Read how the current economic climate and rate of productivity is influencing the price of farmland.

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Kill-all no cure-all for fall armyworm

A more intergrated approach to halting the fall armyworm says leading front-line industry advisor.

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Twice a year shearing breakthrough and wool clipping pregnancy test

Discover the fascinating results of recent ewe and lamb research conducted by University of Queensland and Elders.

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Routine check the turning point for cattle station

Learn how a consultation with Thomas Elder Consulting agronomist Pip Houghton turned the corner for a West Australian cattle station.

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Considering a Soil Carbon Project? – what you need to know

Learn about soil carbon farming and how you, and your farm productivity can benefit from it.

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Growing the future

Learn about the new crop of agronomists who are participating in the Graduate Agronomy Program run by the Thomas Elder Institute.

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Keep your eyes on this

Read this short summary of key factors to keep an eye on in red meat markets during the 2021 season. Includes cattle, sheep and pork.

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Crop protection

New pulse herbicide in field of its own

ADAMA Australia has announced the introduction of a pre-emergent herbicide with a new mode of action (Group E) for 2021.

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All Clear DS; save your farmer unwanted damage.

Learn how All Clear DS can help you clean your boom sprayer as you prepare for autumn plantings and ultimately help your crop.

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Effective snail control starts now in Vines

Read how post-harvest is the perfect time to implement a vineyard baiting program; snails are active and feeding but haven’t yet begun to lay eggs.

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Updating the way you treat seeds

Using alternatives to the standard seed treatments can improve disease management and provide a solid return on your investment in them.

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Inoculation you can bank on

Read how the upgrade of BASF’s BioTech Solutions facility at Somersby is making it easier for you to get top-quality inoculants.

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Improving the outlook through the pre-emergent window

Together they can help you extend your chemical rotation and achieve more comprehensive weed control.

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Nearly a decade of weed control strength with Sakura herbicide

Sakura® herbicide celebrates its tenth year as the benchmark preemergent grass control tool for wheat growers.

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close-up of two-green-peach-aphids

Controlling Green peach aphid in canola

Learn about the latest products to help you control Green peach aphid in canola and hopefully enjoy a bumper crop.

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Overwatch® Herbicide 

Learn about the benefits of Overwatch® Herbicide in supressing a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley and canola.

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WETOUT®- A new generation 100% Non-ionic surfactant

Read about the new generation non-ionic surfactant ‘Wetout®’  that improves efficacy in every aspect while reducing unwanted negatives.

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SA grain growers reap benefits from seed treatment combo 

Read how protecting your cereal crop during the vulnerable establishment stage has paid off for two SA grain growers.

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Mycorrhizae fungi inoculation lifts broadacre crop yields

Modern agricultural practices, particularly in our broadacre grain production are often detrimental to key aspects of soil health.

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Stress Damage – What’s It Doing to Your Yield?

Discover how certain products can help minimise the effects of stress in your crops, be they broadacre, horticulture, tree or vine.

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Fertigation now readily accessible 

Read how the range of YaraRega fertilisers means fertigation is now a practical and cost-effective option for all producers.

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The latest chelation system improves crop nutrient uptake.

Chelated trace element applications are critical to maximise winter crop yield and it’s important to know how to get the best return on your investment in foliar applied nutrients.

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Winter crop nutrition for 2021

Read how to plan ahead to ensure the best winter crop yield through a soil testing proogram.

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Stamina grazing tolerant lucerne with TRUE grazing tolerance.

When identifying lucerne cultivars for true grazing tolerance, ensure you choose cultivars that are evaluated here in Australia under the internationally recognised Standard Test Protocol for grazing tolerant lucerne.

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A persistent alternative to perennial ryegrass

A growing number of graziers from the New England Tablelands to Victoria’s dairy country and across Australia are switching to Hummer tall fescue because it has shown to be more productive and persistent than perennial ryegrass.

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Animal health


It’s time to take a stand against resistant sheep lice

Animal health advisors are urged to encourage sheep and wool producers to adopt effective rotation programs to maintain the efficacy of all available sheep lousicides.

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Sustained selenium supplementation supports good health, productivity and profitability in cattle and sheep

Read how sustained selenium supplementation supports good health, productivity and profitability in cattle and sheep.

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Fennec doubles down on lice protection

Learn about Australia’s first dual combination lice treatment offering sheep producers a way to safeguard their flock from lice.


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Rain + Warmth + Grass = pests and parasites + opportunity to win a Polaris Ranger! 

Find out how you can win a Polaris Ranger simply by purchasing PastoralAg animal health products. Learn about the range here.

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Pioneering on-farm program returns positive results for livestock health and fertility rates across the country

Learn how a pioneering on-farm program is returning positive results for livestock health and fertility rates across the country.

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Monitoring worm burdens through worm egg count tests in cattle following the recent break in the season

Read about monitoring worm burdens through worm egg count tests in cattle following the recent break in the season.

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Milk Warming Best Practice

Discover the benefits of warming milk or milk replacer for newborn calves and the tools you can use to heat it.

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World’s first dual active cattle drench

Read about Cydectin® Platinum, the most recently developed and trialled cattle drench to hit the Australian market.

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Marks-Min – Trace Mineral with vitamin B12 in a convenient single dose

Optimising trace mineral and vitamin B12 levels at critical times, like calving, mating and drying off, can have a positive impact on health, immune status and reproductive capacity of livestock.

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Feeders, tech and general


How Arrowquip facilitates Easier Livestock Handling

Learn about the design principles used by Arrowquip to create yards that are effective, efficient, and make for easier livestock handling.

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herd-cattle-on-sloping-paddockGenomic gains and farming management efficiencies in dna testing

Livestock genomics or genetic testing has Discover how Allflex TSU’s offers a quick, reliable and accurate genetic testing method that manages common testing challenges.

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Optimise conception rates with Blueprint® Lift

Read how correct management of stock prior to joining has a large influence on the conception rates of your flock.

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Cyclone troughs – A better performing trough!

Learn about the benefits of Cyclone troughs when compared to poly or concrete and find the size that suits your needs.

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Lots of grunt to the 46 Joule Energizer

The 46J Energizer gets the tick of approval from Kerry and Tracy. A more connected farm has given them the freedom to get on with more important jobs and manage their dairy herd.

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Plasson customers highly satisfied with product reliability, quality and the team

Plasson Australia has undertaken a customer survey that was executed by Bold Discovery in July this year. Plasson sent the survey to 5,220 customers taken from the Plasson customer database.

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Diesel essential portable ute packs

A versatile and robust ute pack designed and manufactured in Australia to safely store and dispense your diesel.  These tanks are strong and manufactured to withstand the treatment in the back of the ute.

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two-men-using-technology-in-a-cattle-yardGallagher Animal Performance Software sending on-farm decision making sky high with a new cloud-based solution.

Learn about the Gallagher range of technology solutions designed to provide customers with meaningful animal performance insights.

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Secure your boundaries from external pests & disease with Waratah fencing solutions

Reducing the bio security risks associated with feral and wild animals is an essential step in managing your farming enterprise.

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Poly Silos, Clearly a Better Solution

Have you considered whether your next silo should be steel or poly? Investigate your options with Enmach.

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