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Continuity of supply the focus in disrupted supply chain

The conversation around COVID-19 and its effect on both businesses and people continues to be all encompassing. Fortunately for Australians, our farmers and Australian agribusiness,…

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Let’s Talk Pasture Manipulation

Balancing weed control, sheep feed availability and timing is a tricky job. Unpredictable seasonal rainfall has highlighted the importance of getting on top of weedy…

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Government support grants available for primary producers

In the face of an increasingly variable climate, state governments across Australia have established a range of drought support programs for farmers and primary producers.…

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Copper injection set to improve health of sheep

Livestock benefit significantly from supplementation of trace minerals during critical times such as before joining, after transport, and at weaning, due to increased demands of…

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Plan Ahead This End of Financial Year

As the end of financial year approaches, potential tax deduction opportunities abound for Australian farmers. Such opportunities generate benefits that extend way beyond the tax…

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Don’t sit on the fence this end of financial year

The benefits of sound and effective fencing go well beyond containment of livestock. A good fencing system also protects valuable pastures and crops from feral…

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Dry sowing canola

A dry, rainless April has left many with no choice but to dry sow in order to have all crops sown on time. This has…

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A review of BASF Sharpen for knocking down broadleaf weeds this season

Agronomist: Mick Marchant – Elders Young Product: BASF Sharpen Crop Situation: Knockdown Weeds controlled:  Wireweed Fleabane Milkthistle Melons Ryegrass Brew: 1L/100L            Hasten 1.8L/ha            …

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Weed control the most important spray operation in relation to yield outcomes

Andrew (Jack) Daniel, Elders Technical Services Manager in Warracknabeal, began using FMC Hammer when it was commercially available in early 2000. After trialing the product,…

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Let’s Talk Nitrogen application with Charlie Walker

Seasons come in many shapes and sizes and can vary significantly from one year to the next. One common denominator from year to year is…

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Strategic fly control – the best way into Spring

The seasonal nature of fly activity provides unique opportunities for strategic control that can significantly reduce fly pressure and reduce the risk of flystrike. Treating sheep early…

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Elders Walla Walla open doors to bring greater level of service to local district

Elders this week opened a satellite location to the Albury branch in Walla Walla, to bring greater support to the local district and provide clients…

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