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Elders Presents: Innovating Agriculture

There’s no doubt that Ag Tech is becoming a major part of agriculture. But with so many products coming onto the market, it’s hard to know what the systems do and which systems will suit your business.

In our latest Elders Presents webinar, held on 11 and 18 May, we talked to leading Ag Tech producers.

We heard how new technology can be used to make more informed decisions, streamline current practices and ultimately lead to greater productivity for your agribusiness.

Presentations – 11 May

Intro – Graham Page

Graham Page, Head of Elders’ Technical Services, introduces the presentations.

Agriwebb – Josh Collins

Whole farm systems management and record keeping solutions.

Agronomeye* – Stu Adam

Whole farm mapping and asset management.

DCAT (AgIntel) – Dr Moira Smith

Satellite-based solutions giving insights into paddock, pasture and crop health.

FarmLab – Sam Duncan

Farm soil management zoning and soil carbon solutions.

PairTree* – Hamish Munro

On-farm data accumulation. Simplifying data management by having farm data in one place.

Swan Systems – John Pargeter

Water and nutrient management for irrigation systems.

Presentations – 18 May

Arcoflex* – Geoff Schaller

Custom data and sensor-based solutions for just about any problem that exists on farm.

AKA Primary Solutions* – Diane Stewart

Provider of harvest remote sensing technologies and IoT sensor solutions.

Alpha Group Consulting* – James de Barro

Providing sensor-based solutions around weather, soil moisture, water monitoring and leak detection.

DIT AgTech* – Ben Munzberg

Inline mineral supplementation delivered directly to the animal through its drinking water.

Farmbot – Andrew Coppin

Water management solutions at the tank and trough, able to monitor rain, fuel and water flow.

Farmo (waterRat)* – Nick Seymour

On-farm remote monitoring solutions.

Integrated Irrigation (Bushlinx)* – Tim Powell

Provider of smart monitoring systems and solutions for agriculture and environmental management industries.

Optiweigh – Bill Mitchell

In-paddock monitoring of your cattle liveweight.

*Some of these suppliers who contributed to this webinar are not currently recognised as an Elders affiliated supplier.


These webinars were possible with thanks to our partners: Elders, SA Department of Industries and RegionsSARDIMLATEC and TEI.