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Through technical demonstration sites the Elders Agronomy team present technical information from the latest research, extension and industry programs.

Elders’ breadth of horticulture expertise ranges from tree crops and almonds to tomatoes and potatoes as well as viticulture.

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Elders Weather App

Based on the popular Elders Weather website, the comprehensive weather app has features tailored for farm use.

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Red Notebook App

Based on the iconic notebook loved and used across the country, this app is a back pocket tool with up to date livestock market information, conversion calculators, note-taking capabilities and more.



Elders sell a variety of certified seed of PBR potato varieties with unique strengths, including high yields, low disease status and higher general disease resistance.


Ace Ohlsson

Ace Ohlsson provides horticultural crop protection, vegetable and flower seeds, fertilisers, pest control, plant nutrition advisory services and strategic cropping programs.

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