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Elders is an innovative leader in the wool industry, and supports wool growers to be the same.

With increasing demand from consumers and retailers for provenance and traceability of fibre, our team will promote your clip to exporters, processors and retailers around the world. Elders does not compete with exporters and processors as we do not buy or trade wool.

We have access to the full range of supply chain opportunities to develop partnerships of choice and maximise woolgrowers returns.

“One week recently we sold 80 bales before the auction that potentially wouldn’t have sold at all or would have gone for a significant discount,” – Chris Downie, Greenwich Pastoral, producing RWS certified wool supported by Elders.

Responsible Wool Standards (RWS)


Responsible Wool Standard is a global standard developed by Textile Exchange that addresses the welfare of sheep and land management practices, providing brands with a key differentiation and complete traceability of the wool supply chain.



Authentico promotes a transparent supply chain from the farm gate to the delivery of wool tops to customers of The Schneider Group. The Schneider Group purchase Authentico licenced wool that is suitable for export to their own specialised combing mills in Italy and Egypt.



SustainaWOOL is managed by AWEX and provides benchmarks for minimum sustainability standards within the wool production system in Australia and provides integrity and traceability along the pipeline to consumers.

New Merino


New Merino is an organisation independent of all the wool supply chains. It is focused on matching supply with retail demand and sourcing wool from responsible managed farms.

Organic wool

Organic wool is produced on properties that have achieved organic accreditation from a registered authority. Due to the nature of organic wool production, this wool product contains no chemical residues.
Registered organic certification bodies in Australia include NASAA and Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

For further information and to learn how Elders can help you maximise your clip, speak to your District Wool Manager.

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