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While we’re proud of over 180 years of history and traditions, the Elders of today looks to work with progressive clients and partners to unlock innovation and potential throughout rural Australia. If you are interested in supporting this growth in rural businesses and communities around Australia, apply for a role at Elders!

At Elders we encourage applications from a diverse range of people, backgrounds and experiences. If you are interested in beginning or advancing your agribusiness career, Elders may have the perfect opportunity for you!

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Elders are proud to feature a selection of career stories from some of the women within our extensive network.

Elders Career Stories

We support your career

At Elders, everyone is provided with opportunities to reach their full potential and we value the differences of a diverse workforce. A career with Elders means an opportunity to work among some of the best experts in the industry and learning through on-the-job training and mentoring. We offer online learning, webinars and in-house courses, which have been tailored to suit the needs of today’s farming businesses.

Our employees appreciate the flexibility provided to them as their needs change over their career. We have many people whose loyalty and abilities have been recognised as they have forged their careers from trainee to senior manager, from sales to technical expert, from one side of the country to the other.


If you are looking for an opportunity to advance your career, make sure you choose Elders.

Elders Employee Benefits

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Featured Careers with Elders

Elders offers a wide range of career options in areas including livestock sales, wool sales, farm supplies, agronomy, financial services and real estate, as well as a number of traineeships and graduate opportunities. An example of just a few of the career options available are:

Agronomists help growers identify and resolve problems which may negatively affect the productivity of their farms.

Drawing from personal experience and their own professional networks, the Elders agronomist has the resources required to solve any given problems on the land.

Stock Agents engage with producers to maximise the value of their livestock by advising on market trends and techniques.

Australia is the largest exporter of wool worldwide, resulting in wool being of immense value to the Australian economy.

Elders provides important services to Australia’s wool industry, bridging the gap between growers and buyers.

Women in Agriculture

Elders recognises the value of a diverse workforce, being a critical lever in attracting, retaining and leveraging a broader talent pool to most effectively deliver organisational results for the benefit of shareholders, employees and customers.

Elders is committed to achieving greater gender balance levels across the organisation and a career with Elders means you will have access to:

  • flexible work practices to assist with the differing needs of employees, facilitating the integration of personal and professional commitments
  • opportunities to develop leadership experience and skills
  • access to a network of professionals and specialists in the agriculture industry
  • reward and recognition including corporate discounts

Strong values

“Elders offers the opportunity to grow and develop a great career in a great industry. All employees are encouraged to value the diversity of others and to respect the contribution of every person.”
– Sussan Ogle, Branch Manager, Wyalkatchem, WA

Supportive environment

“I was taken under the wing of those above me when I first started and it ignited my passion for agriculture and taught me tricks of the trade I wouldn’t have known otherwise. The more we lead by example and have strong women in leadership roles mentoring those below them, the greater chance we have of building more equal gender representation.”
– Maree Crawford, Technical Services Manager, Toowoomba, QLD

Development opportunities

“[Elders offers] strong support in providing and encouraging me to take on opportunities that develop and improve my professional and personal skills. I’ve been able to travel to a range of events and regions to broaden my perspective, all of which complement my role.”
– Samantha Wan, Wool Technical Officer, Brooklyn, VIC


“Elders provides me with an opportunity to work for an Australian company that is proud of its history, its people and the communities in which it has operated for over 180 years. There is a unique culture and a sense of pride within the Elders team and for the work we do.”
– Ann Hiscock, Senior Sales Support Officer, Hamilton, VIC


“In my eight years working for Elders, I have been given the opportunity to work in a variety of roles and finance teams. After having twins in 2012, I am now working part-time and have a good balance between family and work. My part-time arrangements simply would not be possible without the great support I receive from my manager and peers at Elders.”
– Kiim Lim, General Manager Business Development, Adelaide, SA

Unique opportunities

“I was seeking a challenging career to further my knowledge and love for the wool industry and live closer to the family farm.”
– Tegan Falkner, District Wool Manager, Millicent, SA

Adding value to industry

“Working with Elders has allowed me to pursue my passion for livestock production and provided me with excellent opportunities and industry exposure. I find that Elders employees and clients are very happy to give you their time, particularly when they see the potential gains I can help them achieve.”
– Emma Shattock, Livestock Production Adviser, Clare, SA

Career progression

“I’ve been offered excellent professional and career progression opportunities and provided a role that is both interesting and challenging. The people are fantastic and the workplace is friendly, supportive and flexible.”
– Nina Abbey, Supplier Relationship Manager, Adelaide, SA


“Working for a company like Elders is anything but boring. The rural sector is in a state of constant change, with the challenges presented by weather and commodity prices, both of which are largely out of our control. At Elders, we are given the opportunity to be innovative and to strive to offer our clients solutions to improve production, find new markets or increase margins.”
– Jacinta Martin, Commercial Manager, Brisbane, QLD

Rewarding role

“I love being able to help farmers, being outdoors and there is always something new to learn. The appreciation a farmer shows you when you have helped them is one of best indicators that you are doing a good job”
– Diana George, Farm Supplies Sales Manager, Mortlake, VIC

Women make a significant contribution to the Australian agriculture and Elders is proud to highlight just a few examples of women in our network and their contributions in our employee career stories.

Elders Career Stories

Career opportunities with Elders

The Elders traineeship program has been specifically designed by the experienced sales staff in our business to ensure it provides practical and realistic training to the next generation of stock and station agents. The program focuses on developing skills and knowledge through valuable hands-on experience, online learning programs, and face-to-face workshops concentrating on the livestock and wool industry. This becomes a great launching pad for a progressive career with Elders.

Elders Traineeship program graduates are currently working in roles within the Elders network including Branch Manager, Farm Supplies Sales Representative, Territory Sales Manager, Ecommerce, District Wool Manager, Livestock Manager and Livestock Production Manager.

The Traineeship is an 18 month program which provides an in-depth understanding of:

  • the Elders way of working with clients and how we work to deliver value to their business
  • the legislation we must comply with
  • the systems we use to carry out our business effectively and efficiently
  • how to prepare and select stock and wool for sale
  • how to deliver marketing options and industry information to farmers and graziers
  • how to create a network of contacts that provide a long and rewarding career within Elders
  • Livestock production

Upon successful completion, trainees will have a broad understanding of Elders and the livestock and wool industry as well as a nationally recognised qualification, the Certificate IV in Agriculture. Trainees who successfully complete the program are given the opportunity to apply for permanent roles with Elders that match their developed skill set.

Who are we looking for?

Those that have a passion for Agriculture and……

  • effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • self-motivation
  • great work ethic
  • a desire to build a long terms sales career with Elders in the livestock, wool or livestock production advice industry.

As successful candidates will be required to relocate throughout the Elders national network, those best suited will have worked away from home for a minimum of 6 months prior to applying.

“After finishing high school I spent a year working at Iffley station and from there I worked at Charlton feedlot for nearly 2 years before applying for an Elders Traineeship. I am originally from Bairnsdale but have now enjoyed spending time in Mareeba and am now based in far-north Queensland at Charters Towers. I am really enjoying the work and the guidance from the team at Elders.”

Trainees who successfully complete the program are given the opportunity to apply for permanent roles with Elders.

Applications for intake 1 2019 are now closed. Applications for intake 2 2019 will be opening soon. 

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The Elders Wool Traineeship Program has been specifically designed by our expert wool team, ensuring the provision of invaluable training and experience through the delivery of online and workshop modules plus on-the-job experience.

The traineeship is an 18 month program provides an in-depth understanding of:

  • Preparing for and participating in weekly wool sales
  • Wool classing
  • Valuing wool
  • Applying and understanding AWEX ID
  • Assisting with wool appraisals
  • Auctioneering
  • Genetics

Upon successful completion, trainees have a broad understanding of Elders, the wool industry, as well as a nationally recognised qualification, Certificate IV in Agriculture.

Trainees who successfully complete the program are given the opportunity to apply for a permanent role within Elders.

When you join our team, you can be certain you’re working for a truly progressive agribusiness offering diverse opportunities, backed by over 180 years of experience.

Applications for the current Elders Wool Traineeship intake have now closed. This website will be updated when the next intake process commences.

At Elders we encourage applications from a diverse range of people, backgrounds and experiences.

The Graduate Agronomy program has been specifically designed by our agronomy experts, providing excellent career opportunities within a leading national agribusiness organisation.

The two-year tailored program involves the opportunity to work across multiple locations in Australia, providing exposure to a variety of cropping segments. The second year of the program focuses on specialisation in a particular segment.

Supported by our in-field experts, graduates will develop the skills required to provide growers with the latest in agricultural technology. This includes crop protection products, seed, fertiliser and plant nutrition services through the provision of cutting edge agronomic advice.

Upon successful completion of the program, trainees are given the opportunity to apply for a permanent position with Elders.

Eligible applicants are those with tertiary qualifications, along with being confident, motivated to succeed, having sound management and communication skills, and a passion for agricultural production and the rural lifestyle.

When you join our team, you can be certain you are working for a truly progressive agribusiness offering diverse opportunities, backed by over 180 years of experience.

Intakes close between November – December  each year.

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Current Vacancies

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