Elders Smart Farmer App

Manage your farm with Elders Smart Farmer app, a personal dashboard for all your agriculture, horticulture and livestock needs. Increasingly, producers are using data and digital solutions to guide decision making, and are increasingly reliant on this information to ensure they are maximizing farm profitability.

Get quick access to the information you need to make your farming decisions in this easy to use mobile format. Elders Smart Farmer app provides farmers who are currently using a wide variety of data sources with a consolidated dashboard of data to guide on-farm decisions.

Select the data that is relevant to you on your personal dashboard.

This includes:

  • Weather
  • Spray Forecast
  • Water Levels
  • Market Prices
  • Sheep Notifications
  • Create dashboards for multiple properties

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Frequently Asked Questions

Elders Smart Farmer app is available on both Android and IOS, and can be downloaded by visiting Google Play and the App Store, and searching Elders Smart Farmer. The app is not currently developed for tablet or iPad, but this will be available soon.

The Weather and Spray Forecast data is personalised to the property location you select, subject to where the nearest weather station is situated. In future releases as additional data is added, we plan on providing the ability to tailor the dashboard and the information so that it is specific to your own farm business.

Yes, the initial version of the Elders Smart Farmer app is free. In future upgrades you will have the ability to pay for additional services and data which may assist in on-farm decision making.

Yes. The initial version of the Elders Smart Farmer app is designed to gather feedback from our clients so that we can further develop the app and make it even more useful for producers. Our aim is to continue to add new data and so that farmers can access all of the systems and information they need to run their business from one central dashboard. You’ll see a number of new upgrades to the app throughout 2018 and beyond as new data and services are added.

Yes, definitely. We encourage your feedback, particularly on areas including:

  • Are there any data sources, apps or websites which you use as part of your farm business which we could integrate into your Elders Smart Farmer Dashboard?
  • Would you see value in being able to have your own data (for example, data from your own weather station) integrated into your Elders Smart Farmer Dashboard?
  • Do you find the app easy to use and navigate?
  • Can you see the Elders Smart Farmer app being useful in consolidating information to assist you in making on-farm decisions?

By selecting the cog icon in the bottom right hand corner, you will see an option to ‘Customise Dashboard’. Within that screen, you can select and drag the arrows on each tile name to change the order in which they appear on your dashboard.

By selecting the cog icon in the bottom right hand corner, you will see an option to ‘Add New Property’. Within that screen, you can type in the property address and select the location you need. You are also able to add a photo against that property!

By selecting the cog icon in the bottom right hand corner, you will see your existing primary property, with a tick against it. You can change this by simply tapping alongside any other property within your list to make that your new primary property.

The search function will search by either product name and/or company name, so ensure you are using one (or both) of these to search for product labels or safety data sheets. Also, ensure that you have the correct spelling for the product or company name. If you are unsure of the correct spelling you can search on a partial product name and/or company name.

To make finding products easier the Elders Smart Farmer app will also limit search results to a maximum of 50 entries. If your search criteria contains more than this number, you will be asked to enter additional information to narrow the search results.

On the login screen, select the ‘Forgotten Password’ link. You will be asked to enter the email address that is linked to your account. You will be automatically sent a One-Time Password (OTP) Passcode, to your linked email address. Use this one-time password to login to the app, which will then allow you to create a new password.

Download the Elders Smart Farmer app through the App Store or Google Play.


Feedback - Elders Smart Farmer App

We want to hear your feedback and any questions you have about the Elders Smart Farmer app.