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The Elders Weather App is now better than ever!

Elders recognises how important it is for you to have accurate weather information updated on a regular basis. To help you feel confident in your decision-marking, our comprehensive Weather App provides all the information you need available at your fingertips.

Elders Weather includes over 2000 locations, key international locations and the ability to add up to 10 favourite locations. The new Elders Weather App gives you easy access to important features such as current weather conditions, seven day forecasts, 48 hour hourly breakdowns, local and national radar, observation history, tides and moon, and warnings for extreme weather events.

You can personalise your app to be as specific to your needs as possible, with your preferred units of measurement, push notifications for several different parameters, and the ability to choose which modules are in front of you when you first open the App. You can even wake up with the Elders alarm built into the App.

Our Australian weather radar is fed live from the BOM so you can be confident our information is the most up to date and accurate.

Free Version

When you download the free version of Elders Weather, you access all the amazing features listed above, as well as:

  • National, state and local radars with play/pause, forwards/backwards and zoom functionality.
  • Useful weather data, including Delta-T, dew point, sunrise/sunset, chance of rain, wind, and more.

Silver Membership

Purchasing our Silver Membership gives you exclusive access to a range of extra features and information, including:

  • Advanced push notifications
  • 28 day rain forecasts
  • 12 month district forecasts
  • Customisable interface
  • Longer observation history
  • Extra layers on radars
  • Lightning information on National radar

Download the Elders Weather App now through the App Store or Google Play.


Elders Weather App Trouble Shooting FAQ

If you have the Elders IOS app, make sure to update your app to the latest version. View this article to learn more about updating apps.

Once the app is updated to the latest version, follow the steps below to confirm your login is connected with the subscription:

  • Click on the top left menu
  • Scroll down and click the “Upgrade” button
  • Scroll down and click “Restore”
  • From here follow the final steps on screen

Your app will now be restored to the silver version and the adverts will no longer be present.

If you are experiencing issues for the silver Android app, please follow these steps:

1 – Go to Playstore, and find the Elders Weather App.
2 – Click on Manage subscription
3 – Cancel Elders App
4 – Uninstall the App
5 – Install the App again
6 – Buy membership again (You will not be charged again)
7 – Register again with desired email address.

This will restore the silver subscription and remove the adverts.

To customise the layout of the Elders Weather app, you will need to upgrade to a silver subscription.

Once this is done, click on the top left menu and select ‘customise your app layout’. From here you can access some pre-made layouts currently created for marine users, people in agriculture and sports enthusiasts.

You can customise the layout however you like so you do not need to navigate across different pages to check the information you regularly access. To create your own profile, click ‘build your own profile’, from here simply add the weather sections you want and drag and drop their order to what you want to see first.


You can manage your subscription to the Elders Weather app through your device. See the instructions below. To prevent the subscription auto-renewal, allow at least 48 hours for the cancellation to occur.


Got to ‘Settings’ > then to ‘iTunes & App Store’ > Tap on your apple id > Tap to view your apple id > Enter your password when prompted > Tap on ‘Subscriptions’ > Tap on the subscription you want to manage and follow the prompts.


Go to the ‘Google Play Store’ > Tap on ‘Menu’ > then ‘My Apps’ > then ‘Subscriptions’ > Tap on the app you want to manage and follow the prompts.