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Elders are committed to giving back to the community

Elders support a range of business, community and charitable organisations each year across rural and regional Australia. We see this as a way of contributing and giving back to the communities in which many of our staff, partners, customers and clients live and work.

Our corporate sponsorship program focuses on those opportunities which give us exposure across our branch networks and link us with national brands or initiatives. For local opportunities, please submit a request with your local Elders branch.



New South Wales Country Eagles

Elders Chief Executive Officer Mark Allison is pleased to announce Elders’ new partnership with the NSW Country Eagles.

“Elders play a significant role in supporting farmers in local regional and rural communities, and sporting clubs are in many ways the lifeblood of these communities. The partnership with NSW Country Eagles is a great opportunity for Elders to continue our support of the local areas where our clients live and work” said Mr Allison.

“Many of our employees, clients and their children are involved in local rugby, so with the Eagles playing their home games in rural areas it’s a great opportunity for Elders and our clients to get involved with the NSW Country Eagles,” he said.

NSW Country Eagles general manager James Grant said he is looking forward to visiting a new part of NSW Country with the Eagles.

“Bringing three NRC matches to the bush last year was fantastic and we can’t wait to do it again in 2015. To add to that, this year we also get to spend time working with young players and coaches to help build the game in regional areas,” Grant said.

“Who knows, we may even find a future Eagle or two at one of our clinics,” he added.

Breed More Merino Ewes

The merino industry has been key to the success and growth of Elders through the progression of preparation, production and sale of merino sheep and wool. Elders is committed to supporting the merino industry and our clients to develop new techniques, implement innovation and build relationships.

It is important to recognise and address the issues surrounding the declining number of ewes within the Australian merino industry and Elders is pleased to support the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders (AASMB) campaign Breed More Merino Ewes. The aim of this initiative is to encourage sheep producers to increase their Merino ewe base as an integral part of the Australian sheep industry.

Backing the Breed More Merino Ewes campaign to strengthen the industry is Elders’ commitment to our clients and the sheep and wool industry of Australia.

To request corporate sponsorship, contact your local branch.

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