Clearing Sales – 574 – Elders Rural Services
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  • Sale ID - cs000574
  • Sale Date - September 21, 2019 @ 10:00 am
  • State - New South Wales

Plant and machinery

  • Property Name Narrunga Station, Cobar
  • Directions & Location 15km along Kidman Highway from Cobar towards Bourke
  • Terms STRICTLY CASH or CHEQUE on the day. NO EFT POS. Buyer number system will operate and Buyer registration with photo ID required.
  • GST Applicable

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Plant and Machinery

Horse float bogie axle 2 horse unreg, box trailer unreg, drovers wagon, old poison cart, part poison cart, Cooper shearing plant, Fairbanks scales #10, Victa mini bike, Austral 2hp stationary engine, Argon saw, bow saw, Ajax wool press, Cooper 3.5hp stationary diesel engine, Bristand H07 grader, gates, cattle yard panels x 11, loading ramp, 15x8 Pantec body, cement mixer, canopy, old buggy, Metabo, 9x4 single axle trailer


1996 Daihatsu with manual crane, steel tray, unregistered - going, Isuzu KS 1984 - going unreg, 1991 Isuzu NKR 200, running reg, 1985 Isuzu SBR 18' tray with crate, International truck with 3 horse crate, 1978 Inter Acco, 1979 Holden Kingswood HZ 4 speed gts dash - going unreg, Yamaha Ag bike, Honda CTX 200, Yamaha PW80


COLLECTION OF: Rabbit traps - Griffith 4, Dunn, Wombat, CB, Platypus, Platypus 2, Lane Ace trap, DAD, Sidebotham Maker, The Carrington, Victor N210, Bunyip, Ribinson 2&3, Griffith **IXL, RIP, Lane Ace 29 plus many more.


old ploughs, camel cans, bullock yolk chains, assorted hammers, numerous jacks, horse collar 12", horse saddle bags, Denison gramophone, saddles, harness, crosscut saw blades, Halco ship cutter, no.32 meat mincer, cow bells, camel bell, spring jump traps, old IXL wood stove no.1A, stock saddle, 14' RM Williams horse collar, bullock yolk, dongo trap, pine high chair, Singer sewing machine, stone grinding wheel, cast iron bath, tin wash trough, old irons, meat safes, large qty old tools, Linke Noack & Co silt scoop, trappers bike, anvil (broken), axe heads, adze heads, furrow plough, horse driven chaff cutter, homemade timber slab saw, Metters camp oven, assorted camp ovens,bush furniture, load fire wood PLUS sundry items too numersous to mention.