Stock for Sale – 13218 – Elders Rural Services
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  • Sale ID - ss013218
  • Listing Date - September 25, 2020
  • State - Queensland

Stock for Sale

  • Auctions Plus
  • Auction Date 29/09/20
  • Auction Time 01:00 PM (NSW)

This item has been sold.
  • List Type Commercial
  • Species Sheep
  • Breed Merino
  • Category Lamb
  • Quantity 740
  • Age 1/4/2020 to 30/5/2020 drop
  • Price (ex GST) Auction
  • Delivery Point other

More Details

Top quality "Yalgoo" bloodline woolgrowing wether lambs rising 4 -6 months (April/May 2020 drop) The Boree Downs flock is a specialist woolgrowing & Merino breeding enterprise focussing on high value fleece returns, fertility and productivity. Boree Downs has been individually feral fenced since 2015 seeing enhanced benefits accordingly in breeding and management as a result. A 12% younger / plainer tail has been removed at weaning. 3% show late stage signs of scabby mouth & barely noticed at assessment. 1 wether lamb still has a tail with a ring yet still to drop off. Given the recent rain event & opportunity to the existing quality feed on offer I expect the lambs to improve in the short time between assessment and delivery.

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