Stock for Sale – 17484 – Elders Rural Services
Listing Details
  • Sale ID - ss017484
  • Listing Date - 08/04/2021
  • State - South Australia

Stock for Sale

  • Auctions Plus
  • Auction Date 13/04/2021
  • Auction Time 1:00 pm (NSW)

This item has been sold.
  • List Type Commercial
  • Species Sheep
  • Breed Merino
  • Category Lamb
  • Quantity 400
  • Age 15/6/2020 to 30/7/2020 drop
  • Price (ex GST) Auction
  • Delivery Point other

More Details

Dispersal sale for DJ & N Hall
Presenting the complete drop of Merino Wthr Lambs with a small tail out. Ave 36.8kg, range 27-56kg. These lambs are un mulsed, OJD vacc, shorn and ready to either feedlot or grow out as wool growing wthrs. Vendor has typically feedloted and sold over the hooks in the past few years with the lambs performing well in this situation.

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