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  • Sale ID - ss004559
  • Listing Date - February 12, 2019
  • State - Queensland

Stock for Sale

  • Auctions Plus
  • Auction Date 15/02/19
  • Auction Time 10:00 AM (NSW)

This item has been sold.
  • List Type Commercial
  • Species Cattle-Beef
  • Breed Santa Gertrudis / Droughtmaster
  • Category Weaners
  • Quantity 76
  • Age 6 - 10 Months
  • Price (ex GST) Auction
  • Delivery Point other

More Details

Buyers, 3 months to pay for EU ACCREDITED Santa and Santa X backgrounder heifers that come with a great reputation. Regularly offered on A+ and in the past have always attracted plenty of repeat buyers. These heifers are generally very good quality and most have presented in very good condition. These were weighed after a 24 hour wet curfew. They would be ideal to put away and grow out to domestic feeder entry weights or replenish depleted herds with some top shelf heifers to take through for future breeding purposes. Clean country buyers please note these are offered GUARANTEED CLEAR of the dip and will scratch clean on farm (no risk to buyers). There are 226 heifers in this line and have been split into three lots to cater for all buyers. Delivery will be a “run out the gate” with particular attention to be paid to ensure all lots are even. Do not miss this opportunity to purchase heifers with plenty of eye appeal and runs on the board. Please be aware of the extended delivery terms.

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