Introducing the new Elders Grain App!

In addition to the Elders Weather and Red Notebook Apps, Elders has increased its digital offering with the introduction of a new App for grain growers.

Historically, Elders has delivered grain price updates to clients via text messaging which can often take a significant amount of time to reach recipients. The new Elders Grain App delivers price updates instantly through push notifications following registration, and is set to overtake the old process and eliminate text messaging.

Download the App by searching for ‘Elders Grain’ in the App Store or Google Play and register using your 8 digit NGR. To view the pricing, set up your favourites by adding your relevant port and grade. If you see a price you would like to contract your grain for, you can tap the phone icon in the app and you will automatically be connected with your closest Elders Grain Branch.



Download the Elders Grain App through the App Store or Google Play.


When your grain is ready to sell, we understand how important it is to achieve the best result possible. Elders have a wide range of partner relationships in the international grain market as well as domestic end users. All with the security of dealing with a local, familiar name, combined with fast secure payment from across our national network supported by a specialist grain team.

All backed by the local presence, knowledge and understanding of Elders from across our national network ably supported by a specialist grain trade team.

Elders is committed to providing you with the best solutions for your grain harvest this season, starting with agronomic inputs through to the marketing of your grain. To receive more information including regular local pricing to ensure the best result over the upcoming harvest, please download the Elders Grain app through the App Store or Google Play.

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