Growing innovation

Elders Plant Genetics is our hallmark R&D program. Focused on improving productivity in Australian agriculture through the development of new seed varieties, the program works towards overcoming the limitations and weaknesses of current breeds on the market.

Elders Plant Genetics is the result of a collaboration between Elders and Edstar Genetics which began in 2004. In that time, the program has developed partnerships with Murdoch University in WA, the DPI in Victoria, and the Cobbitty Plant Breeding Institute at the University of Sydney.

High Yielding. High Quality.

As a result, we have developed a number of high quality grain varieties that produce higher yields, are tailored to the conditions of specific regions, and are more resistant to pests and disease.

The development stage is supported by an extensive review process where we engage growers in providing feedback. This trial period ensures that varieties are performing as designed and are catered to the challenges that our clients face.

Breeding genetic material is a slow and costly process but one with the potential to add significant value to farming operations. This investment is a reflection of our increasing focus on finding innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients and remaining leaders in the field of agronomic excellence.

Elders Plant Genetics varieties are available at Elders branches around Australia.

Our Excellent Vigour Forage Hybrids

Lantern Forage Sorghum

Lantern is a sweet sorghum x sweet sorghum hybrid forage sorghum. Lantern has excellent hybrid vigour with mid to late maturity and a very wide cutting window.

  • Sweet Leafy feed with potential for high dry
    matter yields
  • High level of plant sugars and excellent palatability
  • Excellent early vigour
  • Good leaf disease resistance
  • Suited to round bale hay
  • Suitable pit silage production, grazing and stand over
    feed for winter
  • Sweet leafy feed to support high daily live weight gains
    in beef cattle

View Lantern Variety Tech Note

Banker Forage Sorghum

Banker is a Sudan x Sudan cross hybrid forage sorghum. Banker has excellent hybrid vigour with mid to late maturity.

  • Potential for high dry matter yields
  • High leaf to stem ratio
  • Ideal for quick early feed
  • Suitable for hay, green chop production and grazing
  • Good tolerance in dry conditions
  • Displays good disease resistance

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Archer Grain Sorghum

Archer is a medium quick maturity Hybrid Grain Sorghum. Archer has an open head type and excellent hybrid vigour.

  • Average Days to Flower; Liverpool Plains, Northern NSW and SQld for Spring Planting 69-72 days
  • Summer Planting 62-69 days
  • Central Qld Planting 53-58 days
  • Ideal companion hybrid to main variety choice
  • High yield potential for maturity
  • Red grain colour
  • Good stress tolerance across environments
  • Good disease resistance and midge rating 6

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Chester Grain Sorghum

Chester is a new medium maturity grain with excellent hybrid vigour under cool soil conditions.

  • High yield potential
  • Bright red grain colour
  • Good disease resistance
  • Good lodging resistance
  • Midge rating 5
  • Good stress tolerance across environments

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Our High Yielding, Versatile Grain Varieties

Maltstar Barley

Maltstar is an export malt profile barley with long maturity (currently under malt evaluation).

  • High yielding
  • Excellent straw strength
  • Excellent head retention
  • Long season variety
  • Very good disease resistance
  • Resistant to Powdery Mildew (MLO11)
  • Target zones: Western Australia 1, 3 & 6

View Maltstar Variety Tech Note

Alestar Barley

Alestar is a domestic malt profile barley (currently under malt evaluation) with medium maturity and excellent straw strength.

  • High yielding
  • Medium maturity (similar to Commander)
  • Excellent straw strength
  • Excellent head retention
  • Very good disease resistance
  • Resistant to Powdery Mildew (MLO11)
  • Target zone: Victoria

View Alestar Variety Tech Note (VIC)

View Alestar Variety Tech Note (South West VIC)

Tungsten Wheat (AH)

Tungsten is a high yielding Australian Hard (AH) wheat. It is an outstanding protein accumulator with early to medium maturity.

  • Classification AH
  • Early to medium maturity (similar to Wyalkatchem wheat)
  • Excellent protein accumulator
  • High Nitrogen utilisation
  • Wide adaptability
  • Plant height similar to Mace wheat
  • Very good disease resistance
  • Target zones: Central, North & Eastern wheat belt, Western Australia

View Tungsten Variety Tech Note

TenFour Wheat

TenFour is a high yielding feed grade wheat.

  • Tops NVT’s for Yield in Victoria
  • Early maturity (7 to 10 days earlier than Gregory & Suntop wheats)
  • Wide adaptability across regions
  • Excellent straw strength
  • High hectolitre weight
  • Very low screenings
  • Solid disease package
  • Excellent water use efficiency

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