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Elders is pleased to offer our livestock customers finance options for commercial sheep and cattle purchases.
Elders offers up to 12 month payment terms, on facility limits of up to $100,000.
Through Elders’ relationship with strategic agri finance provider StockCo, we can also offer limits of over $100,000.

Elders Livestock Funding

Elders Livestock Funding offers quick and easy sign up with a one-page application form, available at your local Elders branch. There are no establishment fees, so you pay nothing unless you use the facility.

Funding is available for all commercial sheep and cattle, simply let your Elders representative know at the time of the purchase that you would like the livestock put on your livestock facility.

Interest charges are 12% per annum, capitalised (calculated daily, charged monthly). You will receive a monthly statement, which will include unique payment details, so you can pay off some or all of the balance at any time that suits you, at no penalty.

The facility remains open, so you can use it as little or as often as you like – you only pay on the drawn balance.

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StockCo Livestock Funding

In partnership with strategic agri finance provider StockCo, we are able to offer livestock finance specifically to capture trading opportunities.

StockCo’s livestock finance lets you fund the purchase of sheep and cattle for backgrounding, finishing or trading purposes. Facilities are available to finance livestock in feedlots or on pasture.

StockCo funds 100%* of the purchase price, finance charges are only due when livestock is sold, and in most cases direct security is only taken over the livestock being purchased.

*Subject to approval in accordance with StockCo’s eligibility criteria

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