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Tailored livestock funding through our relationship with StockCo

With strong livestock prices, and growing opportunities to trade stock, Elders is able to offer you a finance opportunity to make the most of the current market conditions.

In partnership with strategic agri finance provider StockCo, we are able to offer livestock finance specifically to capture trading opportunities.

With a simple application process, it allows you the flexibility to trade stock when and how you wish, to capture all opportunities available.




“The association we have with Elders and StockCo is gold. That’s what I tell people, don’t do anything else, just deal with those two.”

Ray McNamara, Victorian livestock farmer

Read Ray’s story about how he trades livestock without putting down a dollar.


How does it work?

sheep image

Three month sheep trade example*

  • $30/hd = Profit
  • $2.66/hd = StockCo charges
  • $27.34/hd = Paid to you
  • $0 = Capital outlay

cow image

Three month cattle trade example*

  • $300/hd = Profit
  • $34.17/hd = StockCo charges
  • $265.83hd = Paid to you
  • $0 = Capital outlay

As a livestock funding specialist, StockCo provides up to 100 per cent funding for cattle and sheep*. Graziers are able to capitalise on market conditions without tying up working capital.

The fast and simple application process is completed and managed by your local Elders team. The purchase of livestock is paid for by StockCo, with no deposit or capital input required by you. You then farm the stock through to its maximum sale value.

Once sold, you receive the sale value, less the purchase price and finance cost.

Who owns the livestock?

StockCo own the livestock.
You buy the livestock on behalf of StockCo, who settle the account, including GST.

Who gets the benefit of the livestock?

The livestock are sold through your name and you receive the trading margin.
StockCo receive the sale proceeds, which they then pass onto you less, the purchase price and finance cost.

Proceeds are paid to you on same day that StockCo receive funds.
You will be supplied with a detailed performance report, as can your accountant, if required.


“Growing a farming enterprise is no easy feat. Through its relationship with StockCo, Elders has enabled us to reach our property’s livestock carrying potential, with 100 per cent funding of cattle and sheep*.

We are keen to position our business to capitalise on market opportunities that will allow us to expand our farm’s livestock trading enterprise.

StockCo’s 100 per cent livestock facility has no upfront costs, and we were ready to buy when the time was right*. This decision is now paying dividends.

StockCo allowed us to purchase sheep and cattle and financially support the necessary animal husbandry – meaning our stock will be in great condition when the market is chasing top-quality animals in spring.

We have also been able to increase our profitability through sharing the fixed overheads in the business while increasing the income and returns per hectare.

In the past 24 months, we have reduced cropping area and increased livestock numbers due to the fact that our land can produce more high-quality Merino wool, beef and lamb meat for our customers.

Elders’ relationship with StockCo means customers now have the relevant financial support to expand and care for their livestock without compromising the overall farming business.

I’d recommend StockCo to any farmers who may currently be considering a sustainable expansion of their livestock trading enterprises. For us, we know we’ll be using StockCo to ensure the future viability and profitability of our business well into the future.”

Sean McDougall (Left) with Richard Norton – GM Rural Supplies Elders


*Subject to approval in accordance with StockCo’s eligibility criteria

If you have questions or wish to learn more, simply submit an enquiry and our agri-finance team will get back to you.

How do I apply?

Simply download an application form complete at your leisure and take it to your friendly local Elders branch, or apply now online.

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To discuss livestock funding contact your local Agri Finance Manager on 1300 618 367 or send an email.

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*Subject to approval in accordance with StockCo’s eligibility criteria. Finance charges are capitalised monthly. The above are indicative finance costs. Actual costs of funding will be dependent on agreed finance rates, exact purchase prices and exact length of lending term. Terms, conditions, fees, charges and credit assessment criteria apply. You should seek advice on the appropriateness of products in relation to your particular circumstances. Products are distributed by Elders Rural Services Australia Limited ACN 004 045 121 and issued by StockCo AgriCapital Pty Limited ACN 604 825 747.