Tailored livestock funding through our relationship with StockCo

Strong livestock prices and availability of feed means there’s never been a better time to trade livestock.

Through our relationship with livestock finance provider StockCo, we are able to offer 100% livestock finance, in most cases secured by your stock rather than other farm or personal assets. With a fast and simple application process, it allows you the flexibility to trade when and how you wish to capture all opportunities available.

How does it work?

As a livestock funding specialist, StockCo provides up to 100% funding for cattle and sheep. Graziers are able to capitalise on market conditions without tying up working capital. The fast and simple application process is completed and managed by your local Elders team. The purchase of livestock is paid for by StockCo, with no deposit or capital input required by you. You then farm the stock through to its maximum sale value. Once sold, you receive the sale value, less the purchase price and finance cost.

Who owns the Livestock?

StockCo own the livestock.
You buy the livestock on behalf of StockCo, who settle the account, including GST.

Who gets the benefit of the livestock?

The livestock are sold through your name and you receive the trading margin.
StockCo receive the sale proceeds, which they then pass onto you less the purchase price and finance cost. Proceeds are paid to you on same day that StockCo receive funds.
You will be supplied with a detailed performance report, as will your accountant, if required.


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Do you want access to up to 100% livestock funding? Through Elders and StockCo we can offer you just this. Enquire or apply today!

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Do you want access to up to 100% livestock funding? Through Elders StockCo we can offer you just this. Enquire about an account today!

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