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As Australia’s leading agribusiness, we partner with national grain traders to bring growers competitive daily grain prices. Discover the latest prices in the Elders Grain App, or call 1300 ELDERS. When you’re ready to sell, your local team will handle the rest.

Previously known for accumulating grain, Elders has dramatically changed its grain model to become a national transactional service, with over 440 points of presence across the national network. Elders Grain utilises the latest technology to provide growers with a one-stop-shop price discovery tool and the ease of transacting grain through a firm offer direct to the trade.

Live grain prices on the Elders Grain App

Keep up to date with live grain prices through the Elders Grain App, set notifications so you never miss your ideal price.


Elders Grain Exchange

Set your price for your grain.

The Elders Grain Exchange allows you to offer grain for sale to national and international buyers at your own price. Elders can act on your behalf, or you can sign up to the Elders Grain Exchange and set your price for traders to purchase. There is no charge to create an Elders Grain Exchange account, so log in and set the price you want for your grain. A small transaction fee of $1 per tonne will be applied to any grain sold through the Elders Grain Exchange.

Access the Elders Grain Exchange


Elders Grain is changing to make it easier for growers to access the best price. Previously Elders accumulated on behalf of other traders, now Elders will also be able to transact grower’s grain to the best bid available on the day.

If growers are not happy with the current pricing available, they can now use Elders to act on their behalf and set their price via the Clear Grain Exchange.

Growers will have all prices available through the Elders Grain app and they now simply need to call 1300 ELDERS to access the best price, once they are happy with the price Elders can place the grower into a Firm Offer and send that request direct to the trader, once accepted, a Elders Trade Confirmation Note will be formed pairing up the trader and the grower. The trader will then issue their own contract.

Yes, a small marketing fee of $1/t is applied as soon as a Trade Confirmation Note is formed. If the grain parcel is rejected by a trader there is no cost to the grower.

Elders Grain now takes away a lot of the hassle of finding and discovering the daily price. Growers can now call one number knowing that is the price for today, they can get their local Elders branch to arrange the deal. Grower will be notified via email and SMS as soon as a trade is successful.

Yes, the app will become even more important as it’s now a price discovery tool rather than show just an Elders price, it will list the best price.

No, all growers need to do is to call 1300 Elders once they want to sell.

For the Elders Grain Exchange, simply fill in the Authorisation Agreement here.

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