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If you’re looking to sell stock, our Stock Wanted listings allow you to search and create alerts to notify you when someone is looking for stock that matches what you’re looking to sell.

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Stock for Sale

Find the stock you’re looking to purchase by searching and creating email alerts for livestock listings created by Elders extensive, National network of livestock agents.

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Sales Calendar

Ensure you don’t miss an important sale by viewing and searching livestock sales run by Elders National branch network.

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Your livestock specialist

For over 180 years, Elders have been committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of livestock businesses throughout Australia. Our national and international networks and expert team ensure that your livestock business will thrive with us.

Our expansive domestic network across Australia, alongside our international reach through China, Indonesia and Vietnam, offers you the necessary links to continually expand into new markets if required.

Tailored advice and specialist knowledge across a range of products and industries helps your livestock deliver the best financial return possible for your hard work.


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