Albany client dedication leads to Company award - Elders Rural Services

Albany client dedication leads to Company award

Elders Albany real estate sales specialist, Neels Delport has been recognised with the Company’s monthly One Elders Award for Operational Performance for his honest and integral approach to every client transaction, dedication to the team and clearly demonstrating the Elders values.

Originally from South Africa, Mr Delport made an international sea change with his family in 2006 moving to Albany, WA and beginning his career in real estate.

Mr Delport educated himself to have excellent knowledge of legal requirements and applies this knowledge to his role, as well as sharing his expertise with the team to improve their overall performance.

Approaching every client transaction with the upmost professionalism and assisting all parties to navigate through a sale process, as well as clearly demonstrating the One Elders values has led to Mr Delport being nominated and awarded the Operational Performance Award for the month.

Mr Delport says, “it is quite gratifying to be recognised by your team for the work you are putting in. I think the award is all about the team and our combined efforts.”

“I strongly believe in every sales process we need to remember we are working with humans, and the relationship with our clients is more important than the result. Great relationships will always pave the way for long term success,” says Mr Delport.

Elders Real Estate sales manager, Blair Scott commends Mr Delport’s service across real estate and for adding value to clients through other Elders products.

“Neels’ help is priceless to me as team leader; he is my right-hand man and it is invaluable for me to know that if I am away and something needs to be done, it will be done on time and to the highest standard.

“He is a wonderful team player and continually proposes innovative ideas to improve performance and efficiencies,” Mr Blair explains.

Mr Delport often says that “yes, it is about Real Estate, but much more importantly it is about the people, what they need, and what they are trying to do.”

Mr Delport will be invited to attend the annual One Elders awards night in December with the opportunity to win the overall operational performance award for 2017.