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Bacstim and Rhizovator – a winning combination

Bio stimulants have gained positive traction over the recent years with great results coming from their use.

The use of over-promised sales tactics has however, led to a level of skepticism around products within this space.

Omnia Specialities Australia has worked within the bio stimulant market for over 20 years. With a firm grip on the concept of soil health, they provide a range of bio stimulant and plant health products that are used globally to improve soil and crop health in a sustainable way, resulting in greater yields.

Two of these products, which have proven their synergistic effects time and time again, are the Bacstim (Bacstim® 100 and Bacstim® Seed) and Rhizovator ranges (Rhizovator™ PC and Rhizovator™ OB).

Bacstim is a five-strain Bacillus spp. product known to: colonise the root zone and improve nutrient and uptake, stimulate root growth, and improve stress resistance.

Rhizovator is a humate based product with additions of kelp, fulvic acid and amino acids. It provides improved nutrient uptake, root stimulation and a food source for the Bacstim and other soil microbes.

Trials show increased root growth

A glasshouse trial performed at the Plant Accelerator at Waite Campus in Adelaide, analysed soybean roots which had received Rhizovator PC and OB at 10L/ha, using the WinRhizo root analysis programme.

Results showed an increase in root tips and length of 50 per cent (pc) and 17 pc respectively for Rhizovator OB and 40 pc and 13 pc respectively for Rhizovator PC over the control. It is well known that the plant root tip is the zone of transfer for water and nutrients between the plant and soil.

Images showing the additional root growth on soybeans which had been treated with Rhizovator OB and Rhiztovator PC compared to control.

Another trial conducted at Loxton in the 2021 to 2022 season on nonpareil almonds illustrates the synergistic effects of Bacstim 100 and Rhizovator PC on root growth and ultimately yield. Results found nearly double the amount of root growth over the control together with a yield increase of 230kg of kernel per hectare, returning just over $1,000 per hectare after product costs.

Graph showing results of a trial on almond roots control and using Bacstim 100 and Rhizovator PC.

Elders Technical Service Manager Maree Crawford performed a statistically replicated trial, analysing several bio stimulant product effects on wheat.

The trial showed Bacstim Seed to significantly enhance the growth of the plants. This resulted in an impressive $199 return per dollar spent.

“Certain products, including Bacstim Seed, provided a level of plant protection against environmental stresses which was reflected in the overall performance and end results on yield,” Maree said.

“It’s clear conventional products can be improved by adding complementary and compatible biologicals, together with an improved soil health by reflection of the improved microbial diversity and novel genus found within the final DNA extractions.” she added.

Graph showing result of wheat yield per hectare when treated with Bacstim Seed compared to unfertilised and fertilised controls.

In addition to the results mentioned, Bacstim and Rhizovator have proven themselves in potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, vines and sugar cane.

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