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Seed preparation the key to good start in NSW

Getting your crop off to a good start begins with quality inputs and seed preparation according to New South Wales grain grower Peter Finlayson. Peter…

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New seed varieties offer great potential

Darren Pech, Senior Agronomist at Elders Jamestown, SA talks about some promising new seed varieties that have been released this year. New barley varieties Although…

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Process potato harvesting on Tasmania’s northwest coast

Senior agronomist Simon Nowell of Tasmania’s northwest coast says potato harvests are looking good but growers should look out for three problems affecting quality and yield this season. Potatoes…

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Gold the new standard for wheat

Commercially available for the first time this season, a new variety of wheat, Gold, is wowing agronomists with its yields, protein, low screenings and resilience.…

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Brand new classes of pre-emergents overcome resistance

Pre-emergent herbicides are on the menu for croppers right now and the good news is that there’s a suite of new chemistry available this season,…

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Graduate agronomist makes once-in-a-lifetime and daily discoveries

The graduate agronomist who found the first fall armyworm in Australia infected with a deadly fungus says it shows how exciting agronomy can be, despite…

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Winter crop nutrition for 2021

By August 2020, after a number of below average seasons and in many areas no crop at all, the winter crop yield potential in many…

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Growing the future

The next generation of agronomists are in their first weeks at Elders, carrying on a 181-year tradition. While we have a solid team of technical…

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Updating the way you treat seeds

Do you rely on using the same combination of seed treatments on the same crops year after year? With some damaging diseases becoming less sensitive…

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Mycorrhizae fungi inoculation lifts broadacre crop yields

Modern agricultural practices, particularly in our broadacre grain production systems are often detrimental to key aspects of soil health. Improved agronomics and genetics over recent…

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Stress damage –what’s it doing to your yield?

As farmers we all aim to achieve the highest yield possible. In Australia year on year we face challenges with crop constraints due to soil…

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New malt barley variety accredited

Alestar has just been accredited by Barley Australia today but growers like Mark Humphrey were already planning to sow hundreds of hectares to the new…

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