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Deep soil insights key to better cropping returns

Beth Sleep is on a mission to reveal what lies beneath the topsoil and unlock the potential of under-performing cropping zones through soil science. The…

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Beth Sleep Elders agronomist and soil specialist

What is a soil specialist and how can they uncover opportunities for growers?

Beth Sleep is putting her passion for soil science to good use, helping growers in South Australia’s Upper North better understand their soils and improve…

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24-hour reporting helps pin-point optimum spray time

Innovative grub monitoring system Trapview by ADAMA  is helping growers and agronomists throughout South Australia and Victoria to understand the optimum window of opportunity to…

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Nitrogen application key to increased yield for Tasmania’s cereal crops

Nitrogen fertiliser is a key determinant of grain yield and the ability of cereal crops to achieve yield potential in Tasmania. In this article, senior…

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Treating spot form blotch in barley

In Australia spot form net blotch (SFNB) is the most common foliar disease of barley. In a season where rainfall is sufficient to grow a…



Russian wheat aphid discovered in WA

Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA) is a common pest with a growing presence across Australia’s key cropping regions. After detection in South Australia’s mid-north in 2016,…

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Test drive WA’s latest weed control options

Are you interested in grass and broadleaf weed control? Elders and our suppliers are running trial sites across Western Australia so that growers can assess…

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New AgIntel eye in the sky allows variable gypsum and lime spreading

The red soils on Russell and Tyson Moloney’s Oaklands farm need up to four times more lime than his black soils and now new technology…

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Oat foliar disease management and control

Gone are the days of oat being considered the poorer cousin of wheat and barley. Increased values and yields are proving that the grain is…

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2-4 D resistant wild radish

Herbicide resistance development in problem weed species is an ongoing problem facing growers, advisors and the grains industry as a whole. Every year the annual…

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Get to know your lucerne breeder

S&W’s global lucerne-breeding program is heavily focused on producing high forage and seed yielding varieties, with high resistance across the pest and disease profiles. The…



How to make stylo a weight-gain star

The right choice of legume can add a vital extra 20 to 30kg liveweight gain a year to store cattle, making the difference between achieving…

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