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Dairy dry off – the time to plan

The dry off for spring calving dairy cows is just around the corner. Many producers are looking forward to a few sleep-ins, holidays with the…

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Worms growing increasingly resistant to parasiticides

Studies show infected cattle under perform by 7.4 per cent (pc) in average daily weight gain1 and can have 5.4 pc lower feed intake1. Dr…

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Troy Animal Health continues Aussie Helpers partnership

Troy Animal Health is continuing their partnership with charity Aussie Helpers, donating $5 from every drum of AVENGE + FLY purchased between 1 February and…

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Is your current sheep drench really working?

Australian sheep producers spent almost $104 million in the last 12 months on drenches to manage internal parasites.1 Unfortunately, many of these drenches are no…

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Minimising the effect of mycotoxins

There is no silver bullet to tackle the threat of mycotoxins. To reduce the risk to both animal health and business profitability, a targeted approach…

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Weaner cattle – is your drench doing its job?

A recent scientific article in the Australian Cattle Veterinarians (ACV) journal highlighted the need to check that your weaner drench is effective. Drench resistance is…

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Elders sheep farm

Flystrike – strike now before they do

Flystrike in Australian sheep is a serious issue, causing significant suffering and pain to the animal and estimated to cost the industry $280 million annually.1…

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The first choice for sheep summer drench programs

As the only combination drench containing monepantel, which delivers high efficacy against a broad spectrum of internal parasites, and with a new export slaughter interval…

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Liberty grain sorghum brings satisfying results in the south

I’m a beef producer, not a crop irrigator. Such is the sentiment of beef producer Andy Watson, that any crops he does grow to feed…

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Yield assessment and grazing management of Mainstar forage brassica

Mainstar is a highly palatable forage brassica, which has quickly increased in popularity over the last couple of years. A key point of difference when…

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Summer drenching – don’t let the worms burn you

The summer drench is a strategic drench which aims to reduce the worm population using the dry summer heat. Summer drenching is well known by…

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Millie Moore territory manager, inspecting the new S&W Overland production seed paddock at Ivan Schulz farm in Bordertown SA.

With S&W forage cereals, the winter feed gap is filled

Forage cereals play a major role in filling the ‘winter feed gap’ when the growth of summer pasture slows in the north, during the cooler…

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