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Preventing parasite problems in livestock

Research by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) estimates that internal parasites cost the Australian livestock industry approximately $529 million a year. This includes production losses,…

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Thinking with your gut? The role of microbes in ruminants

Most mammals have little ability to digest fibre. Ruminants such as sheep and cattle are the exception to this rule due to their relationship with…

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Preventing leptospirosis: protecting your cattle and your family

With an increased vigilance around zoonotic diseases (diseases which transfer directly from animals to humans), it’s worth reviewing the key reasons cattle producers are utilising…

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Target sheep repro: a ground breaking sheep reproduction program

With favourable seasonal conditions, sheep producers across Australia are busy rebuilding their flocks. The MLA predicted that by June 2021, the national flock size will…

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Ecotain® boosts lambing percentages

Just weeks into its first winter, a new forage herb product is already showing its potential for improving lambing percentages and productivity, as well as…

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Plan for healthy animals this spring

With spring upon us and side effects from La Nina still present, conditions are primed for a good harvest and pasture growth. The recent rainfall,…

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Spring shearing – it’s time to talk lousicide rotation

Elanco is encouraging animal health advisors to have the conversation about the need to adopt effective rotation programs to maintain the efficacy of all available…

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Spring sowing – forage brassicas

A growing number of producers are taking advantage of forage brassicas to fill seasonal feed gaps and provide a high-quality, economical feed option for their…

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Delaying tick control can be costly

The cattle tick (Rhipicephalus (formerly Boophilus) microplus) is regarded as the most economically important parasite to the Australian cattle industry1. Heavy cattle tick infestations can…

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Annual Ryegrass Toxicity (ARGT)

Annual ryegrass toxicity (ARGT) is a potentially fatal condition affecting livestock, caused by the consumption of ryegrass which has been affected by Rathayibacter toxicus bacterium.…

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Grass tetany – how to stop the drop

Incidents of grass tetany (hypomagnesaemia) and milk fever (hypocalcaemia) are currently on the rise. “The recent abundant rain, current winter weather and feed conditions are…

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Vaccinating sheep: techniques and tips

Where is the best place to vaccinate sheep? What length needle should I use? These are the questions that a recent research study by Zoetis,…

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