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Cropping market – October update

At a glance Australian grain is still the most competitively priced in export markets. A slower selling pace this harvest could help preserve high prices.…


Cropping market – September update

At a glance Wheat exports from Australia are forecast to increase by 21.3pc in 2021/22 according to a revised USDA estimate. Diseases to look out…



New benchmark for grass, broadleaf weed control is coming

Consistent results from extensive crop trials over a number of years is sending strong signals to wheat and barley growers that a new industry benchmark…

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Vantacor insecticide enhances an already outstanding product

The major benefits for pulse and cotton growers of Altacor insecticide have been enhanced by its successor in the marketplace, FMC’s new Vantacor® insecticide. For…

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Reduce your carbon footprint with quality nitrate fertilisers

Yara can help farmers reduce their carbon footprint by utilising environmentally friendly production methods for nitrate based fertilisers. Yara crop nutrition commercial director – Australia…

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Valor brings flexibility to weed control

Valor® 500 WG Herbicide used prior to planting both winter and summer crops offers outstanding flexibility and boosts efforts in combating resistant weeds. With the…

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Increase your liveweight production per hectare with Pallaton Raphno®

Pallaton provides feed when farmers need it most by bridging the summer/autumn feed gap for beef, sheep, and dairy. Pallaton is a raphanobrassica, a hybrid…

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Research provides hope in face of rising crown rot

The understanding of crown rot and the challenge it presents cereal growers, is continuing to evolve, through research into disease prevalence and how to control…

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Success Neo now registered for use on Onion thrips

Darren Rathjen has spent a long time around onions. A fifth generation farmer growing 320 acres of onions at properties in Wall Flat and in…

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DiPel® – technology ahead of its time

Very few crop protection products have stood the test of time, but even after 50 years, DiPel  stands alone as the leading biological product that…

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Begin the 2021 cropping season in the clear, with a clean boom sprayer

Great time and financial loss can be contributed to boom sprayer contamination. Farmers should begin their spraying program with All Clear DS according to manufacturer…

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Tackling environmental stress for your best pollination and yield

Once a seed is planted, environmental factors can start to reduce its full potential by up to 70 per cent. These environmental stresses can include…

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