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Cropping update – May 2022

At a glance Australian grain reaches new levels on the back of continued supply chain constraints and an increase in demand from Asia. Canola sowing…



Deep soil insights key to better cropping returns

Beth Sleep is on a mission to reveal what lies beneath the topsoil and unlock the potential of under-performing cropping zones through soil science. The…

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Beth Sleep Elders agronomist and soil specialist

What is a soil specialist and how can they uncover opportunities for growers?

Beth Sleep is putting her passion for soil science to good use, helping growers in South Australia’s Upper North better understand their soils and improve…

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aerieal view of seeding a paddock

Cropping update – April 2022

At a glance Poor crops in the northern hemisphere last season have put Australian grain in an enviable position of being the major source of…



Cropping update – March 2022

At a glance Volatility stemming from the conflict in Ukraine continued to push grain prices to extreme levels in March. Australian grain to remain in…


Elders agronomists from Central NSW visit Cowra NSW Solutions

New pulse herbicide in field of its own

The opportunity for winter grain growers to control problem grass weeds and mitigate herbicide resistance in the pulse phase of cropping programs, as well as…

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When do I need to bait for snails and slugs?

Grain industry research has found that the timing of bait applications is critical to reduce snail numbers and protect emerging crops from slugs. Understanding when…

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Pre-emergent herbicides vital for weed control

Pre-emergent herbicides have been vital in the fight to control problem weeds for Terry Edis of Elders, Ariah Park, in southern New South Wales. Mr…

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Maximise nutrient use efficiency with new SYLAS-ST®

A new super-concentrated biological seed treatment is available this season for broadacre cereal and canola growers to maximise crop establishment. Sylas-ST®, from UPL Australia, is…

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Pre-emergent herbicide choices improve overall control

The almost universal use of very effective pre-emergent herbicides has given cereal cropping a huge boost over the last decade. Until last year however, the…

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The best choice in seed treatments is changing

Every farmer knows you can’t afford to keep repeating yourself. Like top sporting teams, cropping programs need constant renewal to maintain the same level of…

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Locally produced nitrogen you can bank on

With nitrogen fertilisers prices high and demand impacting supply, there’s another, natural option – make your own! That’s what soil inoculants can do, making them…

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