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Award-winning Gallagher water tool perfect for small farms

Water is a precious resource, so losing any through leaks wastes not only the water itself, but time spent in trying to find the leak.…

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The Power of Data on a new level, individual animal data – everyday

Tru-Test Remote Walk Over Weighing products collect individual animal data to give producers power on a whole new level. Data on every individual animal means…

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Polymaster has bulk diesel storage covered

It’s not rocket science that buying diesel in bulk can save you money. Some farmers have reported saving up to 25 cents per litre* when…

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Multi Trans 7000, simply a smarter bin

Do you need to store, carry, deliver or dish out feed, seed or fertiliser? Enmach has recently released a product that will revolutionise the way…

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Newer almond fungicides show strength amid product restrictions

Growing restrictions on the use of some traditional fungicides is shining a light on newer fungicides that also provide benefits around handling and compatibility with…

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a yard-of-twin-lambs

Ecotain® boosts lambing percentages

Just weeks into its first winter, a new forage herb product is already showing its potential for improving lambing percentages and productivity, as well as…

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Reduce your carbon footprint with quality nitrate fertilisers

Yara can help farmers reduce their carbon footprint by utilising environmentally friendly production methods for nitrate based fertilisers. Yara crop nutrition commercial director – Australia…

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Stock watering solutions made easy with Philmac

Water is the single most important input in any livestock enterprise, so it is critical to regularly check over your stock watering systems. Trough valves…

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Success Neo now registered for use on Onion thrips

Darren Rathjen has spent a long time around onions. A fifth generation farmer growing 320 acres of onions at properties in Wall Flat and in…

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Plasson Quick Coupling Valve

During the early 1970s, the use of poly pipe was still in its infancy. Plasson had developed their world-famous compression fitting only a few years…

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Gate fittings that last

Cyclone provides a large range of gate fittings to suit all gates and strainer types. From steel or timber to concrete, Cyclone has all your…

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Upgrade your properties biosecurity with Waratah fencing solutions

A well-built fence could be all that you need to solve your biosecurity, animal health and grazing pressure concerns. If you’re finding your conventional timber…

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