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Gallagher commits to a sustainable future with Landcare

For over 50 years, Gallagher has been committed to supporting Australian farmers by providing farm-fit solutions to help simplify the challenges faced by those working…

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Waratah fencing – proven to be effective in the field

Feral animals can cause significant damage and stress to any farming enterprise and reduce property yields. Dean Hague runs a mixed farming enterprise near Lake…

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Cyclone N Sure have an impressive list of features

With a successful harvest behind us, many growers are wisely using extra capital to reinvest in upgrading their fencing and gates. The N-Sure gate is…

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Innovative engineering: the next best thing to rain

Farming in 2022 shows just what hard yakka, ingenuity and innovation can achieve. In 1963, the Universal Harvester A31 Unibeam seeder was the talk of…

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60 years of compression fittings

Philmac, the only Australian manufacturer of poly compression fittings is celebrating another milestone in 2022. It’s been 60 years since the first plastic compression fitting…

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Plasson: engineered for rural pipe and rural life

Beating the world’s toughest conditions was only the starting point for Plasson. Installed in the harshest of Australian conditions for over 40 years, the Plasson…

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Philmac ball valves – 40 years strong

Philmac ball valves are a bit like flies! They do look different, but like flies they are pretty much found everywhere in the Australian landscape.…

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Get a better return on investment with Waratah fencing

When you mention the word ‘fencing’, most people immediately think, ‘significant upfront cost and no long-term benefit’. But it needn’t be that way. With good…

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Cyclone fence droppers – simple, fast and economical

Cyclone continue to be a trusted, recognised and respected name in rural Australia, providing customers with quality, affordable steel products. Cyclone fence droppers are no…

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Gallagher water tool perfect for small farms

Water is a precious resource, so losing any through leaks wastes not only the water itself, but time spent in trying to find the leak.…

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The Power of Data on a new level, individual animal data – everyday

Tru-Test Remote Walk Over Weighing products collect individual animal data to give producers power on a whole new level. Data on every individual animal means…

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Polymaster has bulk diesel storage covered

It’s not rocket science that buying diesel in bulk can save you money. Some farmers have reported saving up to 25 cents per litre* when…

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