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Act fast to minimise viral spreading

When aphids start to multiply in broadacre crops, there’s always a danger the infestation will turn into the sort of ‘super spreader event’ we’ve heard…

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Controlling pests and diseases in crops

Biopest® provides growers with an Integrated pest and disease management product capable of controlling multiple, unrelated pests and fungal diseases simultaneously. Biopest® is a uniquely…

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plant-leaf -24hrs-after-being-sprayed-with-cheers-weathershield

Cheers WeatherShield: the formulation you can rely on

With its sophisticated stable WeatherShield formulation, Colin Campbells Chemicals (CCC) brand, Cheers 720 has become one of Australia’s market leaders for chlorothalonil. Chlorothalonil is the…

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The science of choosing snail and slug baits

Snail and slug bait technology has come a long way since the traditional bran-based dry process pellets. In Europe, the need to improve delivery of…

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Optimising reproductive performance in stock

Trace mineral supplementation as a nutritional strategy is an important economic decision for cattle and sheep operations. All minerals, and in particular phosphorus, directly raise…

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Miravis® Star fungicide delivers value in pulses and canola

A new fungicide offering extended residual control of a wide range of diseases in canola and pulse crops has been released by Syngenta. Miravis Star…

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New fungicide now available for wheat and barley growers

Wheat and barley growers will have access to a powerful new fungicide for disease control this season following the registration of Uplift fungicide in Australia.…

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The secret to Plasson’s reliability

How do you make the most reliable poly pipe joiners on the market? For rural applications, you start with a fitting that can handle metric…

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A new fence system designed for horses

Waratah have just launched a new horse fence system called Flex Rail. Closely resembling that of traditional timber fencing, the Waratah Flex Rail system offers…

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Weaning and the importance of trace minerals

Weaning is one of the highest demand periods for livestock. High rainfall can lead to large amounts of green feed becoming available for livestock. Despite…

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Short rainfast fungicide suits frequent rain events

Strategic fungicide use in canola paid-off for northern wheatbelt grower Trevor Piggott last year. In addition to canola, Trevor and his wife Lizzy operate a…

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Bacstim and Rhizovator – a winning combination

Bio stimulants have gained positive traction over the recent years with great results coming from their use. The use of over-promised sales tactics has however,…

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