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A promising debut season for Belanty in Stanthorpe

They’re pretty good judges of the best way to grow healthy, appetising apples in Stanthorpe, in Queensland’s southern downs. After all, it’s home to the…

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Thinking with your gut? The role of microbes in ruminants

Most mammals have little ability to digest fibre. Ruminants such as sheep and cattle are the exception to this rule due to their relationship with…

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New benchmark for grass, broadleaf weed control is coming

Consistent results from extensive crop trials over a number of years is sending strong signals to wheat and barley growers that a new industry benchmark…

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Preventing leptospirosis: protecting your cattle and your family

With an increased vigilance around zoonotic diseases (diseases which transfer directly from animals to humans), it’s worth reviewing the key reasons cattle producers are utilising…

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Vantacor insecticide enhances an already outstanding product

The major benefits for pulse and cotton growers of Altacor insecticide have been enhanced by its successor in the marketplace, FMC’s new Vantacor® insecticide. For…

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Award-winning Gallagher water tool perfect for small farms

Water is a precious resource, so losing any through leaks wastes not only the water itself, but time spent in trying to find the leak.…

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Billions of willing workers for horticulture

Soil micro-organisms can be your hardest working and often most forgotten teammates. Growers have found that encouraging what is available in the soil, introducing and…

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The Power of Data on a new level, individual animal data – everyday

Tru-Test Remote Walk Over Weighing products collect individual animal data to give producers power on a whole new level. Data on every individual animal means…

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Target sheep repro: a ground breaking sheep reproduction program

With favourable seasonal conditions, sheep producers across Australia are busy rebuilding their flocks. The MLA predicted that by June 2021, the national flock size will…

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Polymaster has bulk diesel storage covered

It’s not rocket science that buying diesel in bulk can save you money. Some farmers have reported saving up to 25 cents per litre* when…

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Multi Trans 7000, simply a smarter bin

Do you need to store, carry, deliver or dish out feed, seed or fertiliser? Enmach has recently released a product that will revolutionise the way…

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Newer almond fungicides show strength amid product restrictions

Growing restrictions on the use of some traditional fungicides is shining a light on newer fungicides that also provide benefits around handling and compatibility with…

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