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Start the season with a clean, clear boom sprayer

Urging farmers to prepare for the cropping season with a thorough decontamination of boom sprayers, AgNova says just one residue breach is all it could…

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GlanEry combines two sheep vaccines in one

Combining two sheep vaccinations in one, Zoetis Australia is about to launch GlanEry 7 in 1 B12. The product is a new formulation that combines…

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Feed quality impacting animal performance – reducing the challenge of storage mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are known to present a dynamic risk to feed quality. The challenge starts in the field with Fusarium toxins such as the trichothecenes, zearalenone…

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Next generation aphid control for canola growers

Canola growers will have access to a powerful new insecticide for aphid control this season following the registration of MainMan 500WG insecticide in canola crops. MainMan (500g/kg flonicamid) controls…

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Grains are about to get exciting

I love this time of year. It is not only that we have everything ahead of us in Australia, but it’s also when the grain…

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New Gallagher S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer aids in pasture renovation

A compact, light and fast-charging fence energiser from Gallagher will make it easier to protect new pastures this season. “Autumn is the perfect time for…

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Hoof care and managing pain in lame cattle

As the weather continues to cool into winter and change of seasons brings wetter conditions hoof care and managing hoof pain in lame cattle once…

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Dual-active cattle drench – a game-changer for cattle producers

Research has found a dual-active moxidectin and levamisole cattle drench resulted in steers that were 11 kilograms heavier than untreated animals and 8kg heavier over…

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Revolutionary Remote Walk Over Weighing delivers individual animal weights from the paddock

A remote walkover and drafting system has saved the Salter family a labour unit and rewarded the Dalby farmers with low-stress handling and better performance…

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Combination vs rotation: the big question in lice management

Fennec’s dual active ingredients – imidacloprid and abamectin, have given producers a new weapon in the war against lice, which costs the industry $120 million…

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A green future for nitrate fertilisers

Global fertiliser giant, Yara, is banking on ‘green’ ammonia in its bid to slash its carbon footprint by 30 per cent within a decade and…

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How post-emergence nutrition affects broadacre crops

Post-emergence in broadacre crops is a critical time to set up crops for flowering, pollination, and harvest. Plants undergo extreme growth at this time, which…

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