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Pre-lambing worm control

An effective drench is one of the animal health treatments that is always mentioned as part of a pre-lambing routine. Let’s have a closer look…

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Confinement feeding: considerations & strategies for success

Seasonal variation, environmental extremes, and changing consumer demands necessitate that livestock producers remain agile in an ever changing and unpredictable landscape, while always managing to…

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Green feed problems

Green feed is usually an excellent source of food for your stock, but it can cause problems. Rob Inglis, Elders Livestock Production Manager, Wagga Wagga…

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Seismic shifts in beef, lamb and mutton

A comprehensive analysis of Australia’s red meat market and outlook at the March Elders Presents online event revealed some seismic shifts at and beyond the…

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Lamb survival and dystocia

Lamb survival is a hot topic among producers and researchers alike. Elders livestock production advisor Emma Shattock has the latest on how to lift lamb survival rates. Research…

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Play hard ball on brucellosis and Barbers Pole

With many flocks in the rebuild phase, now is the time to check ram testicles, pasture quality, take action to minimise Barbers Pole and plan for transitions to…

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Pre-calving and pre-lambing nutrition for ewes and cows

Now is an important time for breeders to carefully manage nutrition to to ensure less difficulties with lambing/calving, lower mortality rates, and ultimately higher marking…

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Farmer sends sheep into Alestar accredited malt barley and still gets a harvest

Alestar barley was given full Malt status just a few weeks ago and Murray Bridge mixed farmer Andrew Willis says he believes it may also…

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Managing cows and ewes during pregnancy

Has there ever been a better time to have breeding stock? Not in my lifetime. Both the cattle herd and sheep flock are in rebuilding…

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Rain + warmth + grass = pests and parasites (win a Polaris)

What a welcome change in the weather patterns that La Nina have brought across most of the country, delivering significant rain events turning the countryside…

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It’s time to take a stand against resistant sheep lice

Animal health advisors are urged to encourage sheep and wool producers to adopt effective rotation programs to maintain the efficacy of all available sheep lousicides.…

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Optimise conception rates with Blueprint® Lift

Correct management of stock prior to joining has a large influence on the conception rates of your flock. Ewe nutrition is key to joining success.…

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