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Cheers WeatherShield: the formulation you can rely on

With its sophisticated stable WeatherShield formulation, Colin Campbells Chemicals (CCC) brand, Cheers 720 has become one of Australia’s market leaders for chlorothalonil.

Chlorothalonil is the fungicide recognised as the basis for disease control in Australia and was first registered in 1966. It was developed by initially by Diamond Alkali Co. (USA) which became known as Diamond Shamrock in 1967 after a merger.

To supply the Asia-Pacific with greater efficiency, Diamond Shamrock established a joint venture with a Japanese chemical company in 1968. The joint venture now known as SDS Biotech opened a dedicated chlorothalonil synthesising and manufacturing plant in Yokohama.

In 1971, CCC was one of two companies in Australia to be given exclusive rights by Diamond Shamrock to introduce chlorothalonil to the Australian market. They first marketed the product under the international trade name Daconil 2787 750 WP.

In 2001, global acquisitions resulted in the transfer of the Daconil trade name and CCC’s original product was renamed Dacogreen. CCC branched out to the horticultural market with their original chlorothalonil formulation in 2002 with Cheers 720.

A major formulation upgrade occurred in 2008, where its already superior adhesion technology was further improved with a WeatherShield formulation for Dacogreeen and Cheers.

Mr Ramsay Zreikat, National Sales Manager at CCC said Cheers WeatherShield is now one of their biggest selling products. Its major uses are on bananas, lentils, chickpeas, faba beans and tomatoes just to name a few.

Dino and Carly Rocca of Spring Creek Produce in Tolga have seen the results first-hand.

“Anybody growing bananas, knows the battle to combat leaf spot and leaf speckle, especially in the tropics of Far North Queensland,” Mr Rocca said.

“Cheers WeatherShield has proven to be a vital part of our integrated pest management program since 2016.”

“We find that when sprayed, it helps protect leaves from further infestation and holds on the leaf for a longer, therefore providing longer protection,” he added.

Due to the longer protection period of Cheers WeatherShield we find it a cost-effective product to use to protect our plantation.”

Still sourced from SDS Biotech, Cheers is a first-class Japanese formulated product, which continues to be recognised as the superior formulation for its ability to stick, mix and store better.

Mr Zreikat explained why Cheers’ long shelf-life is so important.

“One complaint that we often hear from retailers around Australia is that chlorothalonil doesn’t store well from year-year. Retailers tell us that the chlorothalonil brands they have in stock have separated even after a few months of storage. However, Cheers’ high-quality formulation has demonstrated both in real time and through accelerated storage tests that it stores well for over two years.”

The product’s stability was further proven in 2019 when a retailer had Cheers stock manufactured in 2017 and after the mandatory shaking of the container, CCC thoroughly inspected the product. The result showed no visible signs of settling, separation or solidifying.

The next test CCC conducted was to see how the product sprayed out. For the trial we used the high application rate of 19L in 500L water per hectare. At this rate if the formulation was not right, it would be noticed. Instead, the 2017 manufactured Cheers WeatherShield product poured from the container, mixed, and sprayed out perfectly – as if it were made that same day.

The positive results achieved with Cheers 720 have been observed by growers across Australia.

“I have been using Cheers 720 for a number of seasons now with no issues,” said South Australian grower, Mr Will Murdoch from RG & LE Murdoch.

“This is a high-quality product which gives me the confidence to order in 1,000lt IBC’s to create a closed system which becomes safer for all employees and makes for an easier product to handle,” he added.

Similarly, Ken and Amanda Arbuckle from Rosie’s Reds Papaya based in north Queensland know Cheers is a product they can trust.

“We recently (18 months ago) switched our aerial and ground fungicide program to Cheers 720,” they said.

“We have noted amazing performance of the product in our papaya and banana crops. We shall continue using this product as it adds profit to our business.”

Article written by Colin Campbells Chemicals for Seasons magazine. 

Header image shows plant 24 hours after being sprayed with Cheers WeatherShield and before rain.

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