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Cyclone fence droppers – simple, fast and economical

Cyclone continue to be a trusted, recognised and respected name in rural Australia, providing customers with quality, affordable steel products.

Cyclone fence droppers are no exception to this –our fence droppers are a formed steel profile and clip solution that can be easily attached to plain or barbed fence wires. They help keep wires evenly spaced and can disperse livestock pressure across all wires in the fence.

The high tensile heavy galvanised steel strip has evenly spaced, pre-punched slots along the length of the profile to suit almost any fence line wire spacing application – 3, 6, 10 (or almost any number in between) line wire fences can use a Cyclone fence dropper.

Unlike timber fence droppers, Cyclone steel fence droppers are light weight, which reduces transport costs and makes them easier to carry along the fence. Steel droppers are also resistant to most grass fires – essential in most Australian locations.

Installation is a breeze with galvanised wire R clips (included with each pack of 25 droppers) used to secure the dropper to the fence wire. The clips are easily removed, so the dropper can be reused if needed.

Cyclone fence droppers are suitable for all 2.5 mm diameter wires. They are available in packs of 25 and available in the following lengths:

  • 63cm
  • 81cm
  • 94cm
  • 107cm
  • 117cm.

Additional fence dropper clips can be purchased separately if required.

Article written by Cyclone for Seasons magazine. 

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