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Cyclone – your complete gate fitting solution

Cyclone is a well-recognised and trusted brand that has been serving rural Australia for over 100 years.

Cyclone lead the market with a wide and innovative range of gates and gate accessories to suit most rural needs.

Cyclone offer a range of gates including vertical brace, cross brace, five- bar, sheep yard, drafting, entry and their patented N-Sure gates, all available at rural outlets right across Australia.

N-Sure is one of the most popular and strongest gates in the range, with innovative features including:

  • 25NB HD galvanised pipe inside and out to battle corrosive elements
  • patented gussets which increase the vertical load carrying capacity
  • graduated mesh in the lower part of the gate which improves animal security.

Hanging the gate with good fittings is critical to effective operation. Cyclone gate fittings are hot dipped galvanised to last up to three times longer than regular electroplated gate fittings. While it may not be as smooth and shiny as an electroplated fitting,   but you’ll get way better protection against corrosion.

Once you’ve hung the gate, consider what happens when you open it. It may want to swing shut before you, your livestock or your equipment passes through the gate opening. That’s where the Cyclone gate stop can help. A recent addition to the Cyclone gate family, the gate stop easily attaches to almost any gate and holds your gate in place until you are ready to close it.

Elders offers a range of Cyclone gates and gate fittings.

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Article written by Cyclone for the winter edition of Seasons magazine