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Don’t sit on the fence this end of financial year

The benefits of sound and effective fencing go well beyond containment of livestock.

A good fencing system also protects valuable pastures and crops from feral animals and straying stock, enables efficient pasture management and ultimately acts as a buffer against financial losses.

As the end of financial year approaches, investing in new fencing is the smart way to improve productivity on your farm and potentially make you eligible for tax deductions.

Nina Abbey, Retail Category Manager for Elders, says a number of issues facing farmers could be addressed with an investment in fencing, the benefits of which are enduring.

“Rising numbers of feral animals, have been a growing concern across the country in recent years, with pigs, dogs and kangaroos amongst the most damaging,” she said.

The right fencing solution can make a big difference to protecting livestock and pastures in a long-lasting way, simply by choosing suitable wire & posts.

“Many farmers are surprised at the effectiveness that a good fencing solution can deliver, so it’s worth checking out what fence designs could make a difference to your pest management control systems,” Ms Abbey said.

The addition of more fences within paddocks can also encourage more efficient pasture management techniques through carefully controlled grazing rates.

“Erecting fences to manage grazing is often considered too time consuming but the benefits to pasture development and repair can maximise regrowth rates and feed production.”

The division of paddocks into more controllable grazing areas also maximises the amount of time livestock spends on rich pastures as it allows for more active management.

As rain becomes more erratic and with high feed prices, investing in more active pasture rotation infrastructure will contribute to long-term on-farm benefits.

The end of financial year also presents an opportune time to repair damaged fence lines and avoid the problem of putting it off until it’s too late.

“While a damaged fence might just be hanging in there, it will need to be fixed or it will jeopardise even longer sections. The potential end of financial year tax benefits and supplier offers is a good excuse to finally get around to it,” Ms Abbey said

For sections that are repeatedly damaged in heavy rain or flood events, Elders is now selling special posts that float above flood water, protecting the wire and are easily repositioned once the water has subsided.”

New developments in fencing technology have also made it possible to put fences in on rugged and hilly terrain previously too difficult or time consuming.

Through Elders’ End of Financial Year Sale, farmers will be able to find all they need to start working on their fence lines and make valuable investments to their businesses that will have returns for many years to come.

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