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Effectively control rats and mice this season

Rodent protection is a major issue this season, with higher than usual numbers predicted across eastern and southern Australia threatening to impact crops on a wide scale.

Elders Swan Hill branch manager, John Young says that a combination of factors are contributing to this problem.

“We’ve had a heavy winter crop, resulting in extra cover and grain on the ground after harvest, add summer rains and a green bridge, there has been plenty of food and shelter for mice number to breed up,” says Mr Young.

When planning an integrated pest control program, Rodilon and Racumin are two tried and trusted products proven to be effective in managing rodent populations which can cause thousands of dollars worth of reductions in grain yields, damage to buildings, machinery and equipment, as well as spreading disease.

While Rodilon and Racumin are suitable for almost every rodent management situation and are equally lethal to rodents, they work in different ways. When used together it is preferable to lay Rodilon baits predominantly in indoor situations, such as sheds and stables, and Racumin outdoors.

Rodilon is a late generation anti-coagulant that is highly palatable and gets rapid results, usually killing rats and mice in a single feed. Trials against both rats and mice show higher levels of consumption than other ‘mini-block’ formulations. The active ingredient in Rodilon, Difethialone, is a powerful anti-coagulant active ingredient, which is highly effective at very low doses.

Racumin, on the other hand, is a proven low residue rodenticide. Racumin’s active ingredient, Coumatetralyl is metabolised by the animal as it takes effect, meaning pets and wildlife are less at risk of secondary poisoning.

It has a cumulative mode of action that will kill rodents in a similar timeframe as a single feed bait (3-8 days) without the risk of bait shyness and minimising risk to farm dogs that may accidentally eat poisoned rodents. Using the multi feed approach, the unique palatability of the Racumin paste formulation makes it fatally attractive to both rats and mice.

Mr Young says that bait stations are best practice to handle rat and mice issues without risking the health of pets, farm dogs or stock, and that early action is key.

“We’ve already seen dramatic damage throughout parts of South Australia, where entire crops are chewed up,” says Mr Young.

“To prevent this, I’m recommending that my clients prepare early. Population numbers can get out of hand if they’re not controlled immediately so it’s important to set up bait boards proactively,” he says.

“Sachet packaging and paste formulation make application easier and safer which is a significant advantage when dealing with these types of chemicals,” he says.

Backed by many years of research and development and thoroughly field tested under Australian conditions, these two products will do the job of effective rodent control while limiting potential risks.

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