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Elders at Beef 21 – day two

Day two of Beef Australia saw the extended Elders Livestock network drop in for a visit at the Elders Pavilion, catching up with clients new and old.

Paul Jameson-talking-to-visitors
Elders NSW Stud Stock Manager Paul Jameson talks to visitors. 

Paul Jameson, Elders NSW Stud Stock Manager, who made the journey north for the event is pleased to see the number of visitors turning out in support.

“With over 31,000 through the gates on day one, it’s a positive sign for the industry.” said Mr Jameson.

“Speaking to our stud stock clients today we can see how important this event is to their business.”

“There is a really good representation from NSW, from families who have travelled north to breeders with cattle on-show, it gives you a sense of how strong the beef industry connection is across the country.”

“You just can’t beat a face-to-face conversation, and this is a good as it gets.”

Andrew Meara, Elders QLD Stud Stock Sales Specialist, is happy to be back at Beef 21.

Andrew Meara, Elders QLD Stud Stock Sales Specialist, reiterated the value of the event to the industry and how positive it is to see Elders livestock be a part of the show.

“Beef Australia is a huge opportunity to catch up and interact with so many levels of the industry.”

“From seedstock to processors, to finance to agents and suppliers, we all come together at an event like this.”

“At Elders Stud Stock we get the chance to interact with fellow agents from across Australia that we might speak to on a weekly basis, but it is so good to put a face to a name at Beef.”

James Matts, Elders Wagyu Specialist talks with Laura Penrose of the Australian Wagyu Association

Elders Wagyu Specialist James Matts who caught up with Laura Penrose, Genetics Project Manager for the Australian Wagyu Association, discussed the presence of Wagyu cattle at the biggest event on the beef industry calendar.

“It’s exciting to see the genetic development of the Wagyu breed in Australia.” Said Mr Matts.

“We’re finding that early adopters are generally the biggest winners.”

Already looking forward to the next Beef Week, James reflected on plans for Elders Wagyu to support the growth of the breed at the event.

“Here at Beef Australia 2021 it’s good to see a stronger influence of Wagyu cattle. I can see opportunity for Wagyu infused cattle to be represented in commercial classes, more specifically the carcass competition where Wagyu would shine.”

“The worlds luxury beef breed deserves to be on a bigger stage at Beef Australia in 2024 so we are looking forward to seeing that come to reality soon.”

If you’re planning a visit to Beef 21 don’t forget to drop in to the Elders Pavilion and say hi.

There’s still time to book your ticket to the special Elders seminar What really matters? Navigating innovation in the beef industry, held on Thursday, 1:30 to 3:00 pm.

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