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Elders backs campaign to Breed More Merino Ewes

Elders is proud to announce its partnership with the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders (AASMB) as Gold Sponsor for the Breed More Merino Ewes campaign, which aims to increase Australian merino production.

Merino sheep and wool have been an integral part of Elders, spanning across the Company’s 177 year legacy.

Australia once saw a high of 180 million sheep within the country – which truly saw the industry and the country ‘riding on the sheep’s back.’ Numbers have dwindled to just 72 million sheep today, with 50 percent of those being Merinos.

Launched at the Royal Adelaide Show in September 2016, the Breed More Merino Ewes campaign is expected to run for a three to four year period and encourages breeders to increase the number of ewes within their flock through breeding programs, as well as recruiting new breeders to the industry.

Peter Meyer, Vice President of the AASMB provided an update on the Campaign at the South Australian Elders Stud Merino Expo in Burra last week.

Mr Meyer explained that the AASMB has recently released a sticker to increase campaign awareness and encouraged all breeders to display them on their cars and utes.

“I stuck them on a shearer’s toolbox and within two weeks I had two people contact me to buy more ewes because they had inquired about the campaign after seeing it on the shearer’s toolbox,” he explained.

“There is nothing better than a pure merino flock and the gap between the market and the pure merino flock is getting bigger – so we need to be singing on the same page and be promoting the campaign,” Mr Meyer said.

AASMB is encouraging breeders to share their passion for Merinos by sharing the campaign message far and wide.

The Merino industry has been key to the success and growth of Elders through the progression of preparation, production and sale of Merino sheep and wool. Elders is committed to supporting the Merino industry and clients to develop new techniques, implement innovation and build relationships.

Elders stud stock specialist, Tony Wetherall says, “there is a lot of confidence amongst growers at the moment and the general feeling in the industry is extremely positive – there really is no better time to be in sheep and wool.”

“To have the wool prices where they are and the meat side so good too – I have never seen these prices and the returns for growers. The Merino today is much more of a dual purpose animal, compared to what it was 20 years ago and you could certainly see that on display at the SA Elders Stud Merino Expo,” he said.

The terminal sire and lamb industry in Australia relies heavily on a sustainable and strong merino flock to maintain good market share cross over using merino ewes as terminal or maternal dams.

“Backing the Breed More Merino Ewes campaign to strengthen the industry is Elders’ commitment to clients and the sheep and wool industry of Australia,” Mr Wetherall said.

The Elders network supports the Breed More Merino Ewes campaign with branches and employees throughout Australia committed to the initiative, and dedicated short term livestock trading facilities tailored to sheep enterprises. Specialist teams can assist clients in all areas, including; stud stock, livestock production, local, interstate and international marketing expertise, agri finance and breeding supplies.