Elders supports WA farmers with Harvest Force initiative - Elders Rural Services

Elders supports WA farmers with Harvest Force initiative

Elders has today pledged commitment to GrainGrowers and Agribusiness Australia’s Harvest Force program that will pair employees with growers who require harvest staff.

With harvest already underway for some Western Australian growers, skilled labour shortages on-farm have been a challenge for many. Traditionally, seasonal harvest labour needs in WA are filled by skilled farm workers with a farming background from the Northern hemisphere but COVID-19 related travel restrictions have meant this option is not available for growers. The anticipated near record size of the crop, has also added additional pressure to securing enough harvest workers to help bring in the 2021 winter crop.

“Harvest Force is a great way to strengthen the connection between our companies and the growers and the communities we work with,” said Elders CEO and Agribusiness Australia Chair Mark Allison.

“Our employees will be able to deepen their understanding of what happens on-farm during a busy harvest and will be able to apply that deeper insight when they return to their permanent roles. At the same time, we know that the 2021 harvest in WA will require all-hands on deck and we’re pleased that we can help out bringing in one of the largest crops on record.”

General Manager Western Australia, Nick Fazekas said that Elders’ support is indicative of the on-the-ground, hands-on approach to help, that is ingrained in the culture at Elders.

“Elders’ participation in Harvest Force reflects our commitment to providing WA growers with the support that they need, when they need it.”

“We’re pleased to be involved and intend to do all we can to improve the challenging labour shortage conditions currently being faced by growers and ensure they can receive the returns that they deserve from this year’s harvest.”

For more information about the initiative,or to register for assistance visit the GrainGrowers website.