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Green future for Elders WA’s first RWS clip

Elders are pleased to have recently offered for sale the clip of Green Grove Valley (GGV), their first West Australian client to achieve Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) accreditation.

RWS is one of the wool industry’s internationally recognised certifications. Elders is proud to be supporting clients in their business decision to become RWS certified and note a growing interest and investment in reaching accreditation in Western Australia.

Peter and Donna Summers of GGV gained their certification in January 2022 as a member of the G. Schneider Australia Pty Limited – Authentico-RWS Group. The group is run by the family-owned G. Schneider Group, who have been wool, cashmere and specialty fibre enthusiasts since 1922, focused on first stage processing of fibre, from raw product to tops.

GGV’s on-farm audit was completed by Elders’ District Wool Manager, Breanna Hayes, with the assistance of Territory Sales Manager Tom Page, who says that the family’s values aligned well with the RWS standard. Ms Hayes says the family have worked hard to reach certification.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Peter and Donna to help them reach their goal of RWS accreditation, to promote the positive way they farm and to help open new markets for them,” Ms Hayes said.

“Running over 10,000 sheep across multiple properties has its challenges, but Peter and Donna with their son Brady do it well. It was a treat to be shown around and see the magnificent work they are doing.

“We have witnessed a phenomenal response to RWS accredited wool for sale in the eastern states and we are passionate about providing the same opportunities to our WA clients, with the correct guidance and support from the Elders Wool team.” – Breanna Hayes, Elders District Wool Manager.

The Summers say the welfare of their animals, sustainability and biodiversity of their land is incredibly important to them.

“Making the decision to become non-mulesed 15 years ago was not an easy choice but through arduous work and heavy culling we have managed to breed a plain bodied easy-care sheep that doesn’t need to be mulesed, with high lambing percent that still cuts a fair amount of soft, long stapled, white wool,” Mr Summers said.

The opportunity to access a more diverse range of markets was also a driving factor in the decision to become a part of the RWS group.


Elders’ Tim Burgess and Breanna Hayes with Donna and Peter Summers of Green Grove Valley.

“We would not have been able to achieve this certification without the support and knowledge of Breanna. The 20% premium was a real bonus,” he added.

Green Grove Valley’s clip was sold in Sale 34, week of 21 February. 150 bales were on the Elders show floor at the Fremantle Wool Selling Centre. The fleece averaged 19 micron for 10 months growth, spring shorn, with good strength and yielded well for the region.

Header image: (L to R) Elders’ Tim Burgess and Dean Hubbard with buyer Ian Mayer, purchasing on behalf of United Wool Australia Non Mulesed. Photos courtesy of Mal Gill at Farm Weekly.  

From certification programs to the best selling option, Elders can help you maximise your clip.

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