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Endoprime and Intuity shine at virtual field days

Editorial written by Sumitomo for the Spring 2020 Seasons Magazine.

Like many large public gatherings, The East Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days (EGVID) were set to become another victim of Covid-19.

Showing however, that Innovation was more than just a snappy title, the organisers managed to livestream the event with growers being guided on virtual walks through various trial sites. It was here that two products from Sumitomo stood out.

Jack Bartels, Territory Sales Manager for Sumitomo, lead viewers through a couple of trial plots. The first plots showed rows of Cos lettuce, one of which had been treated with EndoPrime, a soil enhancement product containing Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF). Jack explained that AMF are beneficial fungi that occur naturally in the soil where they form a symbiotic relationship with plants. EndoPrime contains four high performing AMF species that have been proven to increase crop productivity, overall plant and soil health and nutrient availability.

He went on to say that in normal farming operations, the AMF in the soil can be depleted over time, especially after drought or when following certain crops such as spinach, mustard or cabbages for example. These crops do not act as hosts for mycorrhizae, therefore the mycorrizae can die off and will need to be replenished to provide the next crop the best opportunity to flourish.

Jack went on to show the treated and untreated rows and the difference was marked. In the untreated row, a number of the lettuce were stunted and had stopped growing and showed there was no uniformity of size and shape. The treated row displayed consistently large, full, healthy lettuce which would deliver good returns at sale.

Intuity Treated on left, untreated Right


The second plot Jack displayed showed Iceberg lettuce that had been treated with Intuity fungicide which controls Sclerotinia in lettuce and green beans. Intuity has the active ingredient Mandestrobin, a novel fungicide from the Strobilurin family which has efficacy on all stages of the sclerotinia lifecycle. The patented latex formulation of Intuity has been developed to aid with rainfastness. The ‘latex adjuvant’ helps to stick the active ingredient onto the plant meaning more of the active ingredient at the point of protection for a longer period.

As Jack walked through the trial plot, he explained that due to the local conditions, there had not been much sclerotinia through the site but was able to point out in the untreated plot, a number of lettuces that were attacked had died.

The EGVID field days demonstrated that innovation can get things done even in the face of a global pandemic, while the Intuity and Endoprime trial sites demonstrated that product innovation from Sumitomo can ensure high performing crops for Australian vegetable growers.

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