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Gallagher Animal Performance helps track animal performance

In January, Gallagher released the latest addition to their growing suite of technology solutions – Gallagher Animal Performance.

Designed to provide customers with meaningful animal performance insights, the web and mobile app allows farmers to make more informed business decisions with an aim of improving on-farm productivity.

Gallagher Animal Performance gives users access to the same animal data stored on the cloud-based software from in the yards using their Weighing and EID hardware, anywhere on or off farm using a smartphone or in the office on a computer.

“Gallagher Animal Performance is cloud-based, so the beauty of it is that you can synchronise between the mobile app, your Weigh Scale or EID Tag Reader and the web app.” said weighing and EID business development manager Mike Hemsley.

“It means that wherever you are you can view your animal performance data, allowing you to make quick and accurate management decisions.”

More options for Animal Performance

This month, Gallagher released a second version of Animal Performance. The existing version, ‘Animal Performance Everyday’ is free and continues to allow customers to upload animal weighing and recording sessions to the cloud and access them from either the computer or phone app.

Adding depth to the mobile and web app offering, is Animal Performance Plus ($25/month). This version gives customers more in-depth analysis to help track performance towards targets.

For customers wanting to do more than just make good buying, selling and culling decisions, Animal Performance Plus gives farmers the additional ability to create groups, mobs or draft lists, to track the outcomes of management decisions on performance.

They can also monitor mob progress and implement animal management activities on the farm, such as creating mating groups or delivering the right animal back to the right owner.

A health record for livestock

“The tool is much more than a weighing system,” said Gallagher animal management product manager apps and software, Keinen Wyatt.

“It’s helping farmers make more accurate assessments about a whole range of key factors that can influence the way they run their farm. At the end of the day, if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

“It can help you get your stock to the right weight for breeding, transition them to weaning or manage animal health. The system can also help you record animal traits you might want to breed into your herd over time.

“Farmers can also measure their animals’ performance on different feeds or pasture, which over time will help make decisions about what feed they will need to buy in or what forage varieties work best in their environment.” he explained.

Gallagher Animal Performance Everyday remains a powerful tool that farmers can download and use for free. They can easily access this fully connected experience, so they can take their data and easily load it into the cloud.

The introduction of Animal Performance Plus offers customers wanting to drill down into their data the opportunity to get the full benefit of the total weighing and EID system for a reasonable monthly cost.

Customers can subscribe to Animal Performance Plus online or purchase a 12-month subscription in store when they purchase their Weighing and EID hardware.

The future of Animal Performance

“This is really just the tip of iceberg regarding how our software applications will work within the Gallagher ecosystem. As customers become more familiar with the real farm management benefits available to them through using one app, I think our reseller partners will see them seeking out a wider range of Gallagher solutions, all of which will be enhanced by our software,” said Mr Wyatt.

Importantly, the software can be continually updated as more features become available. The Gallagher Animal Performance web app updates automatically, and users can set up reminders on their smartphone to update the mobile app when needed.

Additionally, users will receive reminders to update the software on their hardware, ensuring that they are always working with the most up to date version.

Customers can get started by downloading Gallagher Animal Performance from the App Store or Google Play.

Article written by Gallagher for Seasons magazine. 

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